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SentimentalKiller Mon 20-Apr-20 07:32:55

I know we had a thread going but it seems to have disappeared
I stupidly read a FB post thst said there is zero chance of survivi covid if you have asthma. I know that won't be true but it has still upset me. I've signed up to asthma UK Web talk today
I haven't had the shielding letter but am working from home on advice from HR after a bad chest infection earlier this year
How is everyone else feeling?

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SentimentalKiller Mon 20-Apr-20 07:36:09

Another fear I have is not being taken to hospital until its too late. No wonder our hospitals have capacity, it seems impossible to get in. A colleague has symptoms and rang 999 when she was struggling to breathe. She was very scared but the paramedics didn't think she was bad enough because her lips weren't blue😒
I fear out outcomes are so bad because people are taken to late to hospital

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thaegumathteth Mon 20-Apr-20 07:38:27

Try and stick to reputable news sites and limit your usage of them too

Asthma doesn't seem to be one of the top risk factors and certainly it's worth remembering the very vast majority of people survive this

covetingthepreciousthings Mon 20-Apr-20 07:38:44

I stupidly read a FB post thst said there is zero chance of survivi covid if you have asthma

I can understand why that's upset you, thanks
But please try to limit what you read, I know it's hard, especially on social media.

This definitely won't be true, asthma is such a broad condition, and actually I think asthma sufferers are less at risk than those with diabetes or heart conditions.

I know of someone personally who has had suspected Corona they're 99% sure but weren't tested as didn't get bad enough to go to hospital and they have fairly bad asthma.

I also have asthma, and it is a concern, so I totally understand your worry, but just remember that people with these conditions will survive.

bellinisurge Mon 20-Apr-20 07:43:40

Dh has asthma. Stick to reputable websites and other sources for your information.
Of course I'm worried. But taking the opinion of some random on FB over Asthma UK is a sure fire way to mess with your head.

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