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Should we be wearing masks

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Griselda1 Sun 19-Apr-20 23:53:27

At the start of the lockdown period I went shopping with my dd and we were slightly surprised to see a few shoppers wearing masks.
Yesterday, we went shopping and realised that almost everyone was wearing masks. Opinion is obviously changing on masks and almost every other post on Facebook is selling them. I really do think we need them although I'm aware of all the issues with masks, how they fit, contamination risks etc.
A dear friend died with the virus last week and there's been quite a few clusters locally of people with the virus so shopping etc does worry me.

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LilyPond2 Mon 20-Apr-20 01:06:58

I don't have the link to hand, but on another thread someone posted a YouTube clip with quite a lengthy interview with a senior Korean doctor who had been responsible for treating COVID-19 cases in South Korea. He was very definite that wearing a mask is a good idea and reduces risk of contracting the virus. Obviously, that's not definitive evidence, but his opinion is not one that I would lightly dismiss. He also mentioned it being a good idea to protect eyes and said that even wearing ordinary glasses could potentially help.

Northernsoullover Mon 20-Apr-20 01:12:49

I wonder if it was me that posted that link. Its on YouTube by Asian Boss. I'll see if I can find it. You might also be interested to read an analysis by Trisha Greenhalgh called Face masks for the public during the Covid 19 crisis.
I feel we should all be wearing them. There have been a few of these threads but the suggestion inevitably gets poo poohed by many posters citing various reasons (improper use and taking away from NHS resources) however the Greenhalgh analysis rebuffs all these.

Northernsoullover Mon 20-Apr-20 01:13:52

FelicityBeedle Mon 20-Apr-20 01:16:35

I support them tbh, it can’t hurt as a reminder to not touch your face and prevent a sneeze cough doing any damage. The amount of people who are asymptomatic but carrying worry me, so I find masks reassuring.
If you want some masks I’m making them for no charge, people charging for them piss me off a bit

Parker231 Mon 20-Apr-20 01:17:28

The scientific and WHO advise is that masks serve little benefit for the general population. Let’s try and keep any supplies for those who are treating patients and need the masks.

Northernsoullover Mon 20-Apr-20 01:25:46

Parker read the Greenhalgh paper. There is a strong argument for wearing them. It doesn't have to be a medical grade one. There is little to be lost and potentially something to gain (quote from paper) another quote is 'it is time to act without waiting for randomised controlled trial evidence"

Northernsoullover Mon 20-Apr-20 01:27:54

@FelicityBeedle I've been making mine out of fabric HEPA filter vacuum cleaner bags. I made 8 out of one bag. I'm not taking away from medical staff.

FelicityBeedle Mon 20-Apr-20 02:39:05

@Northernsoullover I didn’t say you did?

MrsMummyBx Mon 20-Apr-20 05:01:09

I caught CV at the supermarket (the only place I had been) because I was stupid enough to listen to the official advice re wearing masks is not helpful etc. I wore gloves, sanitised my trolley handle, even the food packets when I got home etc - the only think I didn’t do was wear a mask. Definitely recommend it. Other countries differ from us on this point and have been given advice to wear one and I’m pretty sure that advice will change here too.

Northernsoullover Mon 20-Apr-20 08:46:42

@FelicityBeedle I know you didn't apologies if it came across that way. I was just sharing my home made stories to go with yours smile

Noooblerooble Mon 20-Apr-20 09:43:27

The tide is turning on this so yes I think we should all be wearing (homemade) masks. Studies in China and America (I think) showed if you can get 50% of the population wearing them fewer asymptomatic people spread the virus and you can cut the mortality rate significantly. People need to wear them properly and they need to fit well but it's convinced me to make some and wear them if I go out

TwistofFate Mon 20-Apr-20 09:59:18

I asked my friend from Japan about wearing masks a few years ago, and she said the reason they wear them is so that people who have colds, sore throats or coughs and sneezes can continue to work without infecting their colleagues. I saw something similar on BBC recently that masks might help to stop contagious people infecting others but might not prevent people from catching it.

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