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Covid19 patient issues warning to look out for new symptom, metallic taste in his mouth

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Osiras Sun 19-Apr-20 23:00:44

Despite this symptom, he didn't lose his sense of taste or smell.

I've seen this mentioned on here a few times but never mentioned in the msm until now

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Watertorture Sun 19-Apr-20 23:28:27

I always thought a metallic taste was a sign of early pregnancy

Osiras Sun 19-Apr-20 23:33:58

It certainly can be yes, though the same thing is being reported in coronavirus patients

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Roostersmum2 Wed 22-Apr-20 17:50:57

Interesting. I had this

notsureneversure Wed 22-Apr-20 17:51:46

@Watertorture exactly!!!

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