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Could this be covid?

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bambinis Sun 19-Apr-20 20:06:56

I work in the NHS so I should know better really....over this weekend I've had a few spells of feeling a bit flushed (but temp is all over the place between 36.8 and 37.5 - so not even high) a bit headachy and a sore 'burning' windpipe (rather than throat!) - it's actually pretty mild and wouldn't stop me from doing anything and also disappears for a few hours then comes back. I had it yesterday for a bit but was fine this morning....then it came back again this afternoon. I've just coughed 4 times (again, a throat tickle - nothing special!) any other time I wouldn't think about it.

It's really mild. But I'm due back at the hospital tomorrow. I can get swabbed easily enough but obviously can't go in tomorrow until that's arranged. It doesn't fit the NHS advice of high temp or continuous cough though so might have a few eye rolls......

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MrsMozartMkII Sun 19-Apr-20 20:10:06

Watching with interest as I've had similar.

It's around for a couple of days then goes. I've not taken my temperature as I didn't feel ill per se, just a bit off, which I put down to usually being a bit wonky.

I hope you haven't got it and it's just one of those short lived things.

stairway Sun 19-Apr-20 20:22:53

This sounds like mine and a neighbours symptoms, my Dh has a cough and no sense of smell. Swab results tomorrow so I will update.

tempestterra Sun 19-Apr-20 20:25:54

That's how I started. Not tested so don't know for sure, but have medics in my family who said it was very probable I had CV. The burning session is likely to be reflux. I thought it was my lungs! Have a look at the burning lungs threads op there is lots of support and info on there.

Lexijayde44 Sun 19-Apr-20 20:27:36

Hi the week the schools shut. I was laid in bed on the Sunday 22nd march and I was on my side. It was mild but felt like I had talcum powder in my windpipe and I felt I was squashing it being on my side. I had had an upset tummy twice that afternoon.

Monday I had the mildest dry cough. For the next 3 days I had the odd chills and on the Wednesday I woke up and felt I had a fever. So I took some paracetamol and within 15 minutes it was gone and turned into chills. I went back to bed for two hours and woke up feeling tired but fine. Looked after the kids as normal. Didn't have much energy but we were in the garden. Day 4, for just one night my throat was sore. By the next morning it was no longer sore. The last two days I had the mildest version of conjunctivitis ever. 7-8 days later the cough was gone.

I was painting the garden fence the day before I felt abit strange.

I don't see how I could have had Corona as in the weeks leading up I only did the odd school run and popped in the coop twice.

I do keep wondering though. I was mostly fine and carried on. But it's very out of character for me to get a cough. I usually get what the kids have had. My toddler had a runny nose the week before but that was a cold! I had no cold symptoms.

This is why mild cases need checking!

Travelban Sun 19-Apr-20 20:31:56

My 12 year old DS has had exactly the same symptoms, down to thr chills, the mild conjunctivitis, mild sore throat and 37. 5 temperature. He hasn't been anywhere for 1 month and is at risk... Still not over it but also worried whether it's covid

MrsMozartMkII Sun 19-Apr-20 20:32:29

I have wondered if I've had (have?) a mild version of it, but it's so random. Most of the time I feel fine. The throat thing, when it's around, is fairly constant, but other than that any aches and fatigue, etc., are very easily put down to having had a very physical few weeks.

It's the not knowing for sure what's going on that's so frustrating. I've taken extra precaustions just in case as I'd hate to pass it on to anyone if I do have it.

bambinis Sun 19-Apr-20 20:36:08

Yes - feels like I've inhaled some talc!!!!

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LakeFlyPie Sun 19-Apr-20 20:36:33

That's how mine started, took a test after 2 days of symptoms as you describe and it was positive

bambinis Sun 19-Apr-20 20:39:10

@LakeFlyPie hmmm interesting. Did your symptoms get worse at all?

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FrameyMcFrame Sun 19-Apr-20 20:43:50

Very similar to my symptoms and GP confirmed it (no tests though)
It comes and goes. I'm still gettting the odd symptoms after 3 weeks.
Temp was mild but definitely thereat 37.8 but hovered around 37.5 a lot too

chickedeee Sun 19-Apr-20 21:06:07

I had a really bad headache and exhaustion on Thursday and spent the day in bed. I was sick twice in the afternoon.

Hot flushes on and off (menopausal so not sure wink)

Feeling wonky today, tight chest occasional coughing, later afternoon all gone.

Is it?

Without testing who knows 🤷‍♀️

Lovemusic33 Sun 19-Apr-20 21:10:10

Sounds similar to what I had a few weeks ago (beginning of lockdown) but I wasn’t tested, temperature kept going up and down, had slight cough, slight tight chest and weird feeling in throat, mine lasted 5 days but didn’t really get much worse, I had one day where I slept most of the day (day 4) but other than that I got off pretty lightly. Dd2 came down with a cough 5 days later but no other symptoms.

KingaRoo Sun 19-Apr-20 21:18:25

I had similar and it lasted about 16/17 days. If it wasn't corona it was a very weird virus and I've never had anything like it before. Very tight chest and fatigue/aches were the worst symptoms. I bought a test online and it was negative, but seeing as the tests are only 75% accurate I still think I probably had it.

LakeFlyPie Sun 19-Apr-20 21:22:43

bambinis I had a couple of days of mild symptoms, scratchy throat, slight cough, mild 'chills' - would normally have worked through it but was aware that colleague had tested positive so called in sick and booked test (which came back positive). On Day 3-4 I had fevers overnight and felt pretty terrible for a couple of days. Was in bed due to self isolating from family but to be honest don't think I could have got up or done much. After 3 days in bed I got up but was extremely fatigued and not able to do much. 10-14 days later I'm pretty much able to function although tired and just about up to gentle dog walking (pre lock down I was a daily gym go-er). Never really coughed excessively or felt particularly breathless.

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Sun 19-Apr-20 23:29:42

This is interesting. I’ve had some symptoms but all in all, they’ve been pretty mild. This is making me wonder. I’ve had/got:
Tight chest
Slight pains in my back when taking a deep breath
Palpitations (been putting all those down to anxiety)
Slight sore throat
Started feeling sore and achy last Friday. This comes and goes but worse in the evening
Keep getting a hot face but feeling cold. Comes and goes and only happens in the evening
Temp is hovering around 37.2 - 37.5, came down after paracetamol
Had one night of terrible night sweats
Had 1 day where all food tasted strange
1 bout of diahorea
No coughing whatsoever

Callimanco Sun 19-Apr-20 23:40:32

I had these symptoms, posted a couple of times before:
Sudden onset lack of appetite and "jittery" feeling. Temp was 37.2 so a little higher than my usual 36.4 but not a "fever". Face felt hot and cheeks quite red. That night I had a racing heart rate and panicky feelings, some nausea. Diarrhea the next day, with ongoing severe anxiety feelings that lasted about 48 hours(I wasn't anxious about the illness as I didn't think it was covid at this point). Bit of a back ache for a couple of days. Dizzy spells for a week or so. Slight sore throat, which turned into a feeling like I'd inhaled talc for about 3-4 days. Thick mucus at the back of my throat which was hard to bring up. One evening of mild pain in mid chest, took my bra off as it felt too tight. Slight dry cough which I still have a month later, plus inclined to heartburn for about 3 weeks.
No idea if I had it but it was a strange illness not quite like anything I've had before. I was only in bed for the first 36 hours, after that I was fine to WFH.

Lallanala Sun 19-Apr-20 23:51:40

I have similar symptoms, started Thursday with a sudden cough. Not a bad cough just a tickle. Scratchy throat, not sore. Weird chest pain and hard to take a deep breath. These symptoms have all come on really gradually and I don’t have a temperature. All three of my DC have got slight coughs.
I have had a test today as I work on a ward with covid patients so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s positive. It sounds very similar to what you’re all experiencing though. If it wasn’t for knowing about covid I would absolutely still be at work though as I don’t feel ill.

namechangenumber2 Sun 19-Apr-20 23:56:12

Following with interest, I had a weird day yesterday - very shivery ( felt like I had a fever, but didn't!), flushed cheeks and headache that just wouldn't shift.

Woken up today, absolutely fine!

I'm already being ultra careful as I'm asthmatic, so not going out to the shop or anything. Haven't been out for a walk since Friday just in case.

SunshineMoon100 Mon 20-Apr-20 12:28:01

Im experiencing similar symptoms? Has anyone had any tests results back. My symptoms have been going on for over a week. Main ones being,
Tickly cough and sore throat and the odd sneezes here and there.
I feel the cough and sore throat more first thing in the morning and later on in the evening which i find abit odd.

BloodyWorried Mon 20-Apr-20 12:31:37

That was how mine started. Like you at that point I asked to be tested before I was due on shift. It came back positive. So best start your 7d from now and hopefully you’ll have a mild case and be fine in a week.

slartibarti Mon 20-Apr-20 12:46:40

I've had what I assumed was hayfever past 3 weeks, tickly cough, clogged sinuses, headache. Taking usual meds which aren't working as well as they normally do but put that down to high pollen levels this year.
Mornings always the worst time and yesterday felt even more groggy and tired than usual, racing heartbeat which scared me so took temp and it was 38.5, hadn't taken it before so am wondering if its been up for a while.
By afternoon was feeling better and temp normal and am fine today.
So really no idea whether it's hay fever or coronavirus but will isolate just in case.

stairway Mon 20-Apr-20 12:48:10

My swab was negative so I think my symptoms are seasonal allergies. I never had a temperature though.

bambinis Mon 20-Apr-20 16:31:13

@Lallanala do let us know what your test results are!

I've been tested today and stayed away from work otherwise. Will wait for the results.

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bambinis Mon 20-Apr-20 16:32:22

@BloodyWorried did your symptoms get worse? Hope you're feeling better.

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