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By the time this is over I may have lost the few social skills I ever had

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Makeitgoaway Sun 19-Apr-20 19:37:50

I've always struggled in a group but have got better in recent years, primarily through joining a club where I share a genuine interest with members and there are a nice group of us who meet (met) up frequently. There are still video calls and group chats but I'm finding them a bit of a challenge and can take it or leave it.

At work, I am required to "build relationships" which it by far the hardest part of the job for me. Now, working from home, it's almost all done by email. There are a few people I should check in with tomorrow and make sure they're OK, but I'm very tempted to do it by text, my reasoning being that if they are like me they'll prefer it!

Is it like riding a bike, will it all come back when I have to do it again?

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