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Covid Day 7

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UndertheCedartree Sun 19-Apr-20 13:57:26

I know I have found all the uncertainty around this virus difficult to deal with so I thought I would share my experience.

I was in contact with 4 people who had no symptoms but tested positive for Covid. I became unwell around 2 weeks later. I started with a sore throat and a bit of a cough (not continuous) for a couple of days but thought nothing of it. Then one day I got up and as I walked into the kitchen I went incredibly dizzy and fell to the floor. As I lay on the floor I realised how exhausted and weak I felt. My cough had got worse too. That evening my temperature spiked. For 4 days i was really unwell with fever, cough, headache, sore throat, nausea, dizziness, muscle aches and fatigue. On the 4th day my chest became tight and painful but luckily I was still breathing fine. That night the chest pain went all the way round to my back but my temperature had come down. Day 7 - I'm a lot better. My sore throat, headaches and nausea has all gone. My temperature is normal. I'm still very tired but not extremely exhausted. I cough less often and it is productive and my chest pain and tightness is not as bad. But I'm still really weak and the dizziness is still there. I came downstairs for the first time today and my muscles feel so weak and when I went back up the stairs I got very breathless. So I think I'm going to have to stay in bed for a while longer. Luckily my DC are 13 and 8 so able to fend for themselves.

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