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Washing vs Quarantine

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MrsKypp Sun 19-Apr-20 13:47:37

I have read various articles where they recommend you wash your post, groceries and other delivered items in soap / washing up liquid and water.

They say that is better than quarantining them.

My question is: WHY is it better than quarantine?

My family is leaving our deliveries in the garage for 9 days then bringing them into the house.

1) Why is quarantining not as good as washing the items the minute they arrive?

2) Wouldn't handling the items immediately be more risky?

3) Are they not convinced the virus is deactivated by 9 days?

Another point:

PPE is said to be one use only.

4) If there were PPE quarantine warehouses, could any parts of the PPE be re-used after e.g. a month?

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