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If you are shielding due to pregnancy will you go out once the baby is born?

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donkeypuzzle Sat 18-Apr-20 23:33:38

A relative is pregnant and took her Dc out of school early, the husband is working from home and they are getting online shopping only -I do believe they have been out for some walks though. She says she will continue to do this once the baby is born as her children are precious. So I can only assume that her husband and child cannot return to work / school when we are able to. Husbands work can be done from home mostly, but did do business travel to look at products before this.

I had a baby just in January and I carried on as normal, my DH goes to work ( not key worker, but cannot work from home) and DC goes went to nursery and will go back once it reopens.

Am just interested in what other pregnant women will do. I adore my children and I don't want to get sick myself or them to get sick, but I have to live as much as we are allowed to even with a young baby.

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Littlemissdaredevil Sat 18-Apr-20 23:39:39

Im due in 3 weeks. Tbh everything is shut so there is no where to go and I have no money to do anything once baby gets here. I can’t afford for my DD to go to nursery whilst I’m on mat leave. I expect once the restrictions are relaxed there will be lots of day trips to local national park and beaches (20/30 mins drive away) but I expect I will do during the week when they won’t be busy (if schools are open)

ArthurandJessie Sat 18-Apr-20 23:40:02

I'm going to carry on shielding 33 weeks pregnant with twins currently ! Husband is a frontline worker for NHS so we are already at risk but I'm not even going for walks atm because our neighborhood is too busy ! I'm not going to be going out with them after they are born for a little while anyway then we will keep assessing the situation but if I have to stay at home with them all year to keep them safe then thats what we will do

Floatyboat Sat 18-Apr-20 23:40:20

Not really sure you could take a newborn baby anywhere particularly risky at the moment. The doctors maybe.

In any case I don't think there is any great concern about babies.

ArthurandJessie Sat 18-Apr-20 23:41:17

*equivalent of nhs not in uk currently

Intastellaburst Sat 18-Apr-20 23:49:55

Mine is four months old now and I’ve been going out for short walks with her. I have her in the sling facing into me. I have an older child so am giving them exercise too. I go out a lot less than I did with my first child; really miss days out in parks and going to baby classes. When my husband is off work and can entertain my eldest sometimes I put a blanket down in a shady part of my garden and sing to her, she loves that. Just looking up at trees or the sky is great entertainment for them.

ChillOutChick Sun 19-Apr-20 02:08:45

My neighbour gave birth last week. She is taking her baby out for short walks in the pram and covering the baby/pram with the rain-cover. I've seen a few people using the rain-covers. Seems like a good idea.

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