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Cornwall 'could have lockdown lifted before the rest of the UK' - thoughts??

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doghairismyglitter Sat 18-Apr-20 18:57:13

According to former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Cornwall could be one of the first places in the UK to have lockdown lifted.

Not sure if that link will work. Apologies if it doesn’t.

But does anyone have any thoughts or views? I live in Cornwall myself.

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EndoplasmicReticulum Sat 18-Apr-20 19:31:31

You'd have to set up roadblocks to stop everyone else coming to visit!

doghairismyglitter Sat 18-Apr-20 19:32:37

Surely if everywhere else is still in lockdown then people couldn’t drive here and set up camp. I would imagine (hope?!) holiday homes etc would still be shut

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HoneyBee03 Sat 18-Apr-20 19:57:15

It's great to hear that Cornwall hasn't been too badly affected, however I really worry that lifting lockdown will just entice all the tourists. We have a LOT of second homes and holiday homes around us and if lockdown is lifted I bet they'll be here in a flash.

Lockdown is clearly working for Cornwall, so surely it doesn't make much sense to lift it unless they're willing to set up roadblocks on all the routes in.

alittlecloudfloatinginthesky Sat 18-Apr-20 20:13:24

I'm sure they'll be considering lifting the lockdown in different places at different times but I doubt they'll end up doing it.

Too much risk of people traveling between 'locked' and 'unlocked' areas causing chaos with spreading the virus.

Itisasecret Sat 18-Apr-20 20:15:59

It won’t happen. It’s why we aren’t on full lockdown like other places. We do not have the police or the military to enforce roadblocks in different parts of the county.

Geepipe Sat 18-Apr-20 20:18:46

Surely people would just flee there to go out in freedom as no police force could stop it.

Also isnt that an uncomfortable ljberty to grant a small area of the uk. Citizens should be treated equally no matter where they live so i cant see how it would be fair to allow some to go back to their lives whilst banning others from doing so.

doghairismyglitter Sat 18-Apr-20 20:23:42

You might say liberty, but it could also be viewed as treating the Cornish as human guinea pigs. If it backfired and deaths/infections increased etc.

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sunandrose Sat 18-Apr-20 20:28:09

I live in Cornwall too. It makes me very uneasy. We’ve got to be so very careful as Treliske has a limited capacity.

jasjas1973 Sat 18-Apr-20 20:35:14

Any lifting of restrictions will be around some non essential shops, work and schools, not opening up bars, pubs and holiday camps.

Lumene Sat 18-Apr-20 20:40:33

Deaths and infections will increase again as lockdown is lifted. This is inevitable unfortunately.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Apr-20 20:42:08

Guess they could do a partial,lifting.

So no to tourist attractions, holiday cottages, campsites opening. But yes to other businesses, shops?

AgeLikeWine Sat 18-Apr-20 20:44:09

Unless you’re going to set up roadblocks on the A30 and blockades on the Tamar, it’s hard to see how that would be workable. Mebyon Kernow would love it, though. #Cornexit

Keepdistance Sat 18-Apr-20 21:10:39

It wont work here as the resukts will take so long. By the time you are ill enough for a test then so say 5days thats 5 days plus the test time 2-3days. The next lot of people would already be ill so you have to trace all them.

I would say call 111 when you have fever /cough breatjing difficulty they do test that day but you tell contacts and they are contacted straight away.
Or people could maintain a list of contacts on their phone.
An app could then immediately alert the people you have a cough /fever/etc and to isolate to wait for results.

I would also close a school/workplace for the 7 days. Which kills the virus on surface and allows time for them to get ill.

doghairismyglitter Sat 18-Apr-20 21:16:54

Yes I think what he’s said is to trial testing and community contact tracing in places like Cornwall and Yorkshire.

“Mr Hunt said the next stage should be to put in place a system in the community: "Where anyone who thinks they’ve got Covid symptoms can call 111, they get a test immediately, and then once they’ve had a test we then talk to them about who they’ve been in contact with, test them and isolate them."

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Numbness2020 Sat 18-Apr-20 21:30:35

Treliske won’t cope

DobbyTheHouseElk Sat 18-Apr-20 21:33:15

MIL would be delighted. She’s so bored and wants to get back to her social life.

Bumfuzzled Sat 18-Apr-20 21:37:52

God I really really hope not. It’s been hard enough keeping people away over Easter and I know from various Facebook groups there are people chomping at the bit to get down here at the first opportunity.

As the others have said, Treliske will really not cope.

Ihaventgottimeforthis Sat 18-Apr-20 21:39:15

Cornwall Live are full of shite as usual.
This is just Jeremy Hunt spouting off.
If Cornwall came out of lockdown we would soon see even more visitors and we would start to catch up the rest of the country with deaths. We don't have the infrastructure to deal with high numbers of people needing emergency care, it's the perils of being a peninsula.

UnderTheIroningBoard Sat 18-Apr-20 21:46:34

Assuming for a moment that this would be the government position (bearing in mind JH isn't a member of the cabinet), you would have to stop people from entering the county, travelling to second homes etc. It would be a logistical nightmare.

P1nkHeartLovesCake Sat 18-Apr-20 21:48:35

Lifting lockdowns in certain parts and others is never going to work, it’s ridiculous!

People aren’t going to stay in lockdown when other parts of the uk are allowed out, they just aren’t.

LastTrainEast Sat 18-Apr-20 22:05:18

People are still thinking of it as being released from prison. It's the other way around. The unlucky ones are those encouraged to go out to see if they die.

Bubbletrouble43 Sat 18-Apr-20 22:07:06

With summer season coming I think it would be crazy. I also live in Cornwall.

Surroundedbyeediotics Sat 18-Apr-20 22:20:09

Don’t know why people would go there. Everyone knows the Cornish hates outsiders

LangClegsInSpace Sat 18-Apr-20 22:25:34

It makes sense to not treat all areas of the country the same.

Big urban centres like London and Birmingham will obviously have very different infection rates from rural areas like cornwall.

We need to drill down into the data and find out which parts of the UK have infection rates that are low enough to properly put in place case finding, testing and isolation, contact tracing and quarantine. Where that is possible we could start carefully lifting the lockdown. Where it's not yet possible we need to keep emergency containment measures in place.

We shouldn't be treating the whole of Cornwall, or anywhere else, as all the same either. The situation will be very different in major Cornish towns from how it is in the countryside. We need to be working with the most reliable, most local data we can get, all the way down to small rural parishes.

And of course we would need road blocks to enforce these measures. I don't understand why some people think this is so extreme compared with what we are currently all subjected to, regardless of local threat of infection.

I say this as someone who lives in London and made the decision at the beginning of March not to travel outside the capital again until we got to grips with this.

We haven't yet got to grips with this, we've just been 'having a lockdown'.

Lockdown measures immediately and dramatically slow the spread of the virus but that's all they do and only as long as they are in place. Lockdown measures just buy us a bit of time and unless we use that time wisely, to set up all the things we actually need to do, then we are still fucked.

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