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Question about contact

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Covidnamechanger Sat 18-Apr-20 14:43:23

Name changed of course. 'Hypothetically' - but obviously not grin - you have two separate houses, the people living in these houses have to have contact with each other anyway. They are family members. One of the adults is a single parent who is ill and has to leave their child with the other for regular hospital appointments, the other drives and also takes them to do their shopping (cannot get an online slot not for lack of trying), they leave the house only to travel to and from the hospital and shops and other persons house, and always keep to 2m guidelines when out. These people only seeing each other - is there danger? I understand ​​isolation but I'm just wondering if people would see an issue with them spending time together. Note I'm not saying they'd go round on a day when they weren't seeing each other anyway, but on the days when they are, especially for hospital appointments, single parent is exhausted, lonely, needs a chat and a brew and a break after being poked and prodded rather than going straight home with their child. Does the amount of time you spend together make a difference - if you are seeing/visiting that person anyway, but only that person, can you have a brew at their house? Is there further risk or does it not matter once you've already been around them on that day?

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NuffSaidSam Sat 18-Apr-20 20:53:47

Once you've been in the car/shops together etc. then I can't see there is any further risk in chatting/having a cup of tea/generally being together.

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