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Long Distance Covid 19

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MissingEsme Sat 18-Apr-20 12:09:50

Hi all. Regular reader on all the CV threads. I'm lost and running on empty today.
I'm in Ireland and my partner lives in UK. He was moving here in March then all this kicked off, then he gets the virus, tested positive.
He has spent 9 nights in hospital on oxygen mask. Sore lungs and shallow fast breaths. He is maintaining o2 levels while mask on. Thought he was on the mend on Thursday. Off the mask and felt so much better. He's just messaged me, he's back on the oxygen and is in terrible lung pain. Nurses are lovely, keep on telling him " you're strong you can fight this". But he's scared he's going backwards and I think he sounds like he's giving up. Being here I'm struggling, there's nothing I can do. Anyone with similar stories that have come through this. Thanks in advance x

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