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Sore throat and covid advice please

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oldbagface Sat 18-Apr-20 10:50:10

I have throat pain. It feels muscular of that makes any sense. It's just there. Has anyone else had this. Could it be covid? What did you your throat feel like (if you've had covid)

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ifonly4 Sat 18-Apr-20 10:55:06

Pollen levels have been very high this week, even if you don't normally suffer it may affect you. I normally get a sore throat, irritated nose and eyes in June, but I've had it this week - hayfever tablets help so I think it's that. If you've any doubt, keep yourself in for a few days.

madcatladyforever Sat 18-Apr-20 10:57:11

I've had a sore throat and raised glands all week and work in the NHS. I was advised to keep working as I do not tick any of the boxes on the covid guidelines.
I don't have a high temperature or a new cough. We can still get colds and sore throats but it isn't necessarily covid.
It doesn't sound like covid, if you develop a high temperature it might be.

EllaPaella Sat 18-Apr-20 11:02:23

I had a sore throat a week and a half ago, I'm a nurse and was tested for Covid and it came back negative. My throat was very sore for about 3 days. My son had the same symptom.

I think I had Coronavirus several weeks ago (when testing wasn't available) and that was quite different. I also had a very tight and irritated chest, dry cough, two days of mild fevers and exhaustion and headache. No sore throat at that time.

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