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Maybe a hermit forever 🙄

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Akania Sat 18-Apr-20 09:41:46

I have always had a dramatic extreme addictive and pretty chaotic personality oh and highly suspicious which isn’t always a joy so as you would imagine I am struggling a bit . For me it’s always extremes and I find balance hard so leading on from that I’m in a massive argument with myself about the relaxation of the isolation rules when they happen and of course I’m in an argument with myself wether I believe the government is acting in the best interests of the people or shitting itself about the economy .
I’ve had to stop watching the news as much as I did because it was freaking me out and was scaring me badly.
I’m already having conversations with people about what they will do when they lift isolation , do they believe the government , will we be safe , will we all die .
I knew this would mess with my mental health a little so not surprised at how I’m thinking but though I’d come and share and maybe get some perspective x

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Akania Sat 18-Apr-20 10:21:08

Wow was my post actually that nutty? 😂

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