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To think migrant workers should have access to benefits during lock down?

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alloutoffucks Sat 18-Apr-20 01:42:00

Migrant workers have no access to welfare benefits. During lock down that means many are continuing to work when they are ill or to work in very risky situations such as driving ubers.
We should allow all migrant workers already here access to benefits while we are in lock down so that they can self isolate if they or someone in their household is ill. This protects them and others they come into contact with.

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Sennetti Sat 18-Apr-20 01:47:12

And then snatch it all away again once lockdown has ended??

alloutoffucks Sat 18-Apr-20 01:49:22

Yes. Do you think differently?

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Sennetti Sat 18-Apr-20 01:51:41

Well we are 3 weeks in..... how Long does a claim take? Think we have another 3 weeks then most likely it will be lifted

CostaRicaCoffee Sat 18-Apr-20 01:51:54


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