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worried about teenagers mental health in lockdown

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Willows76 Sat 18-Apr-20 00:11:07

My teen who was in 2nd yr of college about to sit her a levels hasn't even got college work online now, so frustrating as she doesnt even bother coming out of her room now, her future is shattered as shes not sure shes even done enough to get grades to get into university or even will the uni she wanted to go to be taking new students in september 2020? I doubt that. Shes so fed up and messed up. She needs routine but wont join me in garden, or cooking in kitchen, barely clapped from her bedroom window for nhs and im really worried bout her mental health? Any ideas anyone?

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Iren32 Tue 21-Apr-20 20:50:49

Hello Willows76, I do feel for you. We have experienced similar lethargy recently with our dd. She is in the GCSE year and whilst she welcomed the exams being cancelled, she does not take well to changes, so sitting at home and worrying about the unknown, e.g. grades, new sixth form, new friendship groups...etc, all of that is causing constant 'mini-breakdowns'. She has started to believe that her friends have drifted away so not much action on social media and practically no communication.. We are 'lucky' in the sense that she had been waiting for counselling services prior to the lockdown, for her body image, and this is now taking place over the phone. I can't say how effective the counselling is as these are not face to face meetings. All I can say is that we have better days and worse days and she's never been closed in her room for more than 1 or 2 days at a stretch. The mental health guidance advises that if a withdrawal is over 2 weeks, and it accompanied by other issues, such as lack of appetite, showers...etc, that should be a cause for concern. You mentioned she feels her life is messed up and she doesn't take part in other activities. Is there any way to find out whether she's been communicating with people other than yourself? Sometimes, they do need a space. I am trying to make a deal with our dd that she hoovers and irons once a week and then there's an odd evening walk with me...small targets are all we can do at the moment. But I do feel on the edge and wish the schools reopened...of course understand the risks for the society and Covid-19. It's difficult for mums at the moment

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