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My shopping been cancelled again!!

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Ineedwine1 Fri 17-Apr-20 20:56:07

Wrote on here a couple weeks ago about asda cancelling my online order. Said it couldn't authorise my payment. This time its morrisons saying the same. Yet I haven't changed my payment details on either. Both were working fine a few weeks ago. I have enough money in the bank. What is going on?
And before people jump on me. I have a high risk DS and I'm a single mum living alone so I can't go to the supermarket. Anyone got any idea what's happening so I can resolve this for future shops?

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Didkdt Fri 17-Apr-20 21:00:14

Speak to your bank
Have you ever had your card cloned?

Sennetti Fri 17-Apr-20 21:03:41

Does sound like card fraud or something going on

MinkowskisButterfly Fri 17-Apr-20 21:05:14

Did you have the money in the day before? The reason I ask is they (asda) took my money for delivery the day before it was picked and delivered and I was nearly caught out, I literally had a couple of pennies left after as I wasn't expecting it to come out until day of delivery as that is what normally happens).

Ineedwine1 Fri 17-Apr-20 21:05:18

My banks closed. So can't speak to them until tomorrow. Just spoke to morrisons there is nothing they can do as they can't try take payment again. They said I need to speak to my bank.
Don't understand why it would be fruad because nobody has taken anything from my account. I check it regularly

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Ineedwine1 Fri 17-Apr-20 21:06:07

No I had more than enough money to cover the shopping. So highly doubt its that

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MinkowskisButterfly Fri 17-Apr-20 21:06:31

It isnt isolated to you though, it might not be card fraud - it has happened to hundreds of people who shop at asda over the last few weeks.

MinkowskisButterfly Fri 17-Apr-20 21:08:01

DonnaDarko Fri 17-Apr-20 21:08:46

Did you have the money in the day before? The reason I ask is they (asda) took my money for delivery the day before it was picked and delivered and I was nearly caught out, I literally had a couple of pennies left after as I wasn't expecting it to come out until day of delivery as that is what normally happens).

This happened to me too. Delivery was due on Thursday but they took the money on Wednesday which was a bit of a surprise.

Funds don't have to come out of your account for the bank to block your card - if an attempt is made, they might block it but then also block your card from any cardholder not present transactions.

Ineedwine1 Fri 17-Apr-20 21:14:25

mink seems I'm not the only one then. Wonder what's going on!
When I went to go on my order I clicked to re add it into the trolley only half of what I ordered was actually in stock though!
Maybe they couldn't fulfil my order?

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Morningshere Fri 17-Apr-20 21:17:44

Need to speak to your bank. If you don't normally shop online (or spend as much) at Asda or Morrisons then it might flag as unusual activity and block the transaction. Really irritating but unfortunately it happens and it is to protect you

nannynick Fri 17-Apr-20 21:26:34

Do you have at least twice the value of the order in your account?
This could be a repeat of past issues where retailers take a hold for the order amount, which allocates it in your bank. Then they take the final payment, which allocates it again your account, then they cancel the original hold.
Look at past threads about issues with this, from several years ago.

moosemama Fri 17-Apr-20 21:28:31

Not sure if Morrisons and Asda do this, but some online shops that don’t take payment till the order is released take a £1.00 payment from your account initially, to check everything is legit.

Bank fraud departments, then often flag the £1.00 as a suspicious transaction, as taking just a pound isa common way for crooks to check if you are monitoring your account or they can just empty it out. In some cases they will just block the transaction, in others, has happened to me, they freeze your card and you have to contact the bank.

It’s usually only with first time orders, but I think there’s been an issue with some supermarkets with this since lockdown started.

Elouera Fri 17-Apr-20 21:31:08

Is the card within date- not expired?

Ineedwine1 Fri 17-Apr-20 21:47:34

Card is in date. Still has another year left. Makes sense about the 1 pound thing or taking the money to be on hold. Because it states on their website money is only taken once delivery is done. However they are obviously trying to take money tonight or hold the money.
Never had a problem before so must have something to do with lockdown too

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Mummyoflittledragon Fri 17-Apr-20 21:57:11

That is absolutely outrageous. I once had an issue with Tesco. They contacted me on to day to let me know there was an issue and needed payment before they could deliver my groceries. I sorted it out and received the order.

Can you tweet Morrison’s? Ask them why they would cancel your order rather than contact you to get you to sort the payment error out especially as you have a high risk child. And ask them how you, a single mother, can get food without risking his life?

buttermilkwaffles Fri 17-Apr-20 22:02:33

This happened to a nurse in Edinburgh last weekend, online Morrisons home delivery orde was cancelled at midnight the day before delivery due to payment being refused by her bank. She said she had sufficient money in her account to cover the payment and wanted to know why her order was cancelled. It got some traction on social media (Twitter) and Morrisons replied to say they would be in touch to sort something out. Not sure what the outcome was, but might be worth posting on Morrisons social media in the hope that it gets some response?

Goingunderground2 Fri 17-Apr-20 22:11:07

Speak to your bank, if you don't normally use online shopping it will be flagged as "unusual activity"

onemouseplace Fri 17-Apr-20 22:17:16

I've had my credit card put on hold twice in the last 3 weeks - I also had one of those pending £1 payments taken which I didn't recognise, so I called my bank and when I eventually got through they said there was an increased amount of fraud happening so the triggers for cards being held had have been tightened.

One of the times was after Sainsburys had been faffing around with their app and I had to reinput my card details that I had used for years with them - also tried with DH's card that has been used regularly on the same account and his was held briefly until he could confirm he had made the transaction as well.

Massive pain though, especially as it took me a day to get sorted which if that had been my only card would have meant I would have lost my delivery.

SheldonSaysSo1 Fri 17-Apr-20 22:19:05

I know slots are so hard to get but can you try Sainsbury's/tesco? I only say that as I've had card issues with both of these supermarkets in the past (had wrong card details entered) and they have rung me to take payment over the phone.

QuacksInTheDark Fri 17-Apr-20 22:45:45

Might be a temp block on your card and your bank needs you to verify some transactions to unblock it again. They usually let you know via text or letter but it’s happened to me before with no notice. Speak to them tomorrow.

Keepdistance Fri 17-Apr-20 22:52:05

Asda didnt work properly for me today. 20min to checkout then it had done it without telling me i only knew due to email

Endoftethermum1 Fri 17-Apr-20 23:50:52

Piggybacking your thread op sorry, but when are people getting slots? My elderly parents can’t get an Asda or Tesco slot and I’m in a different part of the country. I’ve been trying for them all day

lyralalala Sat 18-Apr-20 00:04:34

My bank stopped payment last week as their algorithm had flagged up my online purchases as “unusual activity”. I’d bet it was that as I’ve heard numerous people having the same problem

lyralalala Sat 18-Apr-20 00:07:07

@Endoftethermum1 Tesco you need to log on about 11.45pm to get in the queue. Slots are released at midnight. Always go to the last date available as you have the best change of getting it.

If you don’t have any luck then then logging on just after 2am often sees slots come free when people don’t check them out (you get 2 hours)

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