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So we are predicted to have the highest death toll in Europe, due to systemic errors made by this government. Do you trust the government to get us out of lock down safely?

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ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:39:39

I don't. They've f****d up too much. NHS managers are begging for PPE, NHS workers are dying.

This government have really really let us down.

We are predicted to have 40,000 deaths by the end of this.

The only silver lining is is that Labour might get its act together now Keir Starmer is in charge. Things can't get any worse.

And if any tory bots start saying 'at least it's not Corbyn'.. Well save your breath. No one could have made a bigger mess than Boris and Co.

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tontie Fri 17-Apr-20 15:40:49

What do you mean by getting out of lock down safely?

justanotherneighinparadise Fri 17-Apr-20 15:43:05

Can I suggest you listen to the daily global podcast the BBC put out daily. If you really think we have fucked up wait until you hear what’s bling on elsewhere in the world! We are going to look untouched once this shitshow makes its way through developing countries.

justanotherneighinparadise Fri 17-Apr-20 15:43:33


ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:44:22

I mean non essential workplaces opening again, schools opening up.. Rules being relaxed with the right advice in place... Health coming before business...

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 17-Apr-20 15:45:35

We have no idea how we will compare to who yet. Way too early to make forecasts. Sticking the boot into Boris and co is a waste of time.

MrsKypp Fri 17-Apr-20 15:45:43

Boris was completely preoccupied with the disaster known as Brexit, then with Carrie's pregnancy. He didn't seem to notice a lethal virus on the rampage.

PersonaNonGarter Fri 17-Apr-20 15:45:51

OP, you are a long time poster who hated this government and everything to do with it. They could have cured cancer and you’d say you didn’t trust them.


Salmonpasta Fri 17-Apr-20 15:46:01

Perhaps you should stand for Parliament OP.

ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:46:08

@justanotherneighinparadise, I'm not comparing us to developing countries am I??
We are being compared to the rest of Europe.

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ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 17-Apr-20 15:46:37

Exactly Persona

P1nkHeartLovesCake Fri 17-Apr-20 15:46:52

Umm yes someone could of made a bigger mess, his name Corbyn. I am not a Tory voter but I’d take Boris over what would of been Corbyn any day! You can’t tell people what they are and are not allowed to say, public forum I’m afraid.

Out of lockdown safely? What the fuck do you mean? The virus isn’t going to magically disappear you know, there is no safely here, the risk of this virus will be around for a while yet. They just have to keep social distancing measures in place and probably lock down again at some point to control the pressure on the nhs.

Do I trust my government? Yes

Doyoumind Fri 17-Apr-20 15:46:54

No other European country has a population in their capital even close to the size of London. A huge percentage of our population lives in the capital compared to other countries. Population density is high in a lot of the UK. Germany have undoubtedly done well but comparing us to other countries isn't comparing like for like.

ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:47:52

@Salmonpasta, perhaps we all should? Lack of experience or any idea doesn't seem a problem.

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Angellegna Fri 17-Apr-20 15:48:28

The science would have been the same whoever is in power.

The scientific advisors would have been the same. And they’d have given the same advice.

KenDodd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:50:29

Posters saying Corbyn would have been worse, what to you think he would have done (or not done) differently and what are you basing this assumption on?

ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:53:12

@PersonaNonGarter, do you think someone like me who does detest this government actually enjoys these statistics? The highest death toll in Europe??

You have a strange way of looking at this.

If the government had a great handle on this, I'd be falling over myself in gratitude. If they invented a cure for cancer I'd vote for them no problem. But I seen what they did with brexit and now what they've done with this virus. And I'm disgusted. If you want to see it differently please enlighten me. If these figures are wrong and we are doing well, let me know.

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KenDodd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:53:33

And they’d have given the same advice.

I very much doubt Corbyn (and I am no fan, never voted for him and never would) would have had a top adviser who didn't care if pensioners died.

tontie Fri 17-Apr-20 15:54:36

* I mean non essential workplaces opening again, schools opening up.. Rules being relaxed with the right advice in place... Health coming before business...*

So how does that look in reality? Business & health are inextricably linked.

tontie Fri 17-Apr-20 15:55:41

When comparing to other countries are you looking at population density, age or BAME percentages?

ssd Fri 17-Apr-20 15:56:42

@P1nkHeartLovesCake, seriously get over Corbyn. He lost. He isn't running this. Boris is. And the country is on its knees. And its getting worse. Justifying that by saying 'Corbyn would be worse' is now a waste of time.

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Vincent05 Fri 17-Apr-20 15:57:33

Can’t see Corbyn going with herd immunity, killing off the old and vulnerable like Boris and his cabinet!!! To get out of lockdown safely we need test trace and isolate none of which is being put into place.

KrakowDawn Fri 17-Apr-20 15:57:33

@Doyoumind makes an apposite point. New York City, Tehran, Madrid are the places it's hit that have populations of similar magnitude to London.

Laniakea Fri 17-Apr-20 15:57:38

Business (the economy) pays for health surely that doesn’t really need pointing out.

socialcommentator Fri 17-Apr-20 15:57:47

I think they've done great personally, but I know the "you did too little/too much" brigade will be along to run down their own country as per usual

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