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Tax credits - did the government change their mind?

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THATscurryfungeBITCH Fri 17-Apr-20 08:10:50

Apparently it will be added by middle of May op

midnightstar66 Fri 17-Apr-20 08:04:24

No, I'm afraid I don't. I read it a while ago but don't remember the details

Tumbleweed101 Fri 17-Apr-20 08:03:59

Mine has gone up a little with today’s payment but April often has adjustments in it so not sure if it’s that or the new weekly amount.

Clutterfreeintraining Fri 17-Apr-20 08:01:51

Cross-post, loudbat. Thanks for that. I'll get my tax return finished ASAP and update the figures.

Midnight, yes, I see that now. I hadn't realised and just assumed it was £20 for everyone in receipt of WTC. Do you know how it's calculated?

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Clutterfreeintraining Fri 17-Apr-20 07:51:32

I'm s/e and won't receive any financial assistance until at least June so was hoping the extra £80 would soften the blow a bit. Unfortunately, most of my annual business costs are due over the next couple of months too.

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LoudBatPerson Fri 17-Apr-20 07:49:11

You can update estimated earnings for the current tax year at any time and they will update the claim.

I put in an update on Sunday just gone and they updated my payment schedule on Tuesday. Really quick considering the bank holiday!

This was for CTC, I don't know if WTC updates take longer.

midnightstar66 Fri 17-Apr-20 07:49:06

How much increase you get, and indeed if you get one at all is based on individual circumstances with a maximum of £20pw

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 17-Apr-20 07:40:53

I get working tax credit but mine has reduced! I'm on furlough so I'll probably get an increase next tax year though as my salary has gone down.

Housing benefit has increased for renters, I had an email about it from my local council. They've increased the amount you're allowed to earn to make you eligible for housing benefit so anyone who rents whose income has been affected that might be worth checking out.

Clutterfreeintraining Fri 17-Apr-20 07:24:14

Just checked again and the WTC has been reduced by £10 every 4 weeks but I assumed this was based on estimated figures until I renew the claim.

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Clutterfreeintraining Fri 17-Apr-20 07:14:53

Thanks for the replies.
Yes, I currently receive WTC but the payment made today is the same as the scheduled payment.
Having just read the gov information again, it looks like the increase won't show until this year's renewal.

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LoudBatPerson Fri 17-Apr-20 07:04:52

It is only the working tax credit part that has changed. So only those in receipt of that element will see a change.

Child tax credit remains the same.

NatashaAlianovaRomanova Fri 17-Apr-20 06:56:18

I've just checked my app & my payments have gone up by around £25 as of next week

FATEdestiny Fri 17-Apr-20 06:51:58

Do you work? Working tax credits have changed, if you qualify for that.

Clutterfreeintraining Fri 17-Apr-20 06:48:42

When all the financial help was being reported, I kept hearing there would be an extra TC payment which would automatically be added from the beginning of April. Just checked this month's payment and it hasn't changed.
Has this help been withdrawn?

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