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Didkdt Fri 17-Apr-20 00:21:30

I have been read the sanctimonious and the parsimonious posts and I wuld just like to say
Those of shielding just LOVE to make everyone's lives difficult by chasing supermarket slots and not going out
We LOVE staying at home and make sure our families have minimal social contact
We are not interested in making sure our children stay safe, and our households remain family environments
Honestly we are hanging out to wreck the economy
We are just making sure we deprive everyone of freedom and delivery slots for our extra six months of life
Honestly tell us all about it, we are literally dying to know

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nether Fri 17-Apr-20 06:12:10

I don't think everyone realises that shielding isn't 'just like what we're all going through, but with delivery slots'.

They don't realise it's 'don't leave the house for anything whatsoever, unless it's medical and has to be face to face' . They don't realise it's 'isolate yourself even within your home' - distancing, separate facilities etc. They don't realise it's 12 weeks minimum.

And they don't realise it's a not synonym for being frail or likely to die soon anyway. Somehow it's become OK to be dismissive of this group and the extra care they need

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