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Furlough and maternity

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SilverFox90 Thu 16-Apr-20 22:36:12


I’m currently on maternity leave. I’ve had an email from work saying that all employees including myself would be furloughed.
I don’t get it !
From what I’m reading on the gov website if your on maternity the normal rules and pay apply and only if you receive enhanced earnings (company top up) you can be furloughed.
To me this makes sense as technically my statutory maternity pay will be claimed back by my employer. So technically If furloughed they would be claiming twice ?
I have also read that in doing so it would technically end my maternity.
I’ve contacted ACAS, HMRC but no one seems to know the answers. I’ve also tried talking to my employer about this but there not getting back to me.

Anyone in the same situation or know what is right ?
Thanks x

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