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Something doesn't add up

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1forsorrow Thu 16-Apr-20 22:29:20

So we had a 3 week lockdown, now we have another 3 week lockdown. So how come that adds up to a 7 week lockdown? Do they think we can't add up, do they think it sounds better to pretend we have had 2 x 3 weeks or what.

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MessEnoughClean Thu 16-Apr-20 22:32:35

Because the first 3 weeks technically ended on Monday, and the next 3 is starting now so that's 6.5 weeks, 7 work weeks... I'm guessing

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 22:35:02

Because the law was passed on Thursday 26 March and had to be reviewed by today, 3 weeks later

Bouledeneige Thu 16-Apr-20 22:36:21

Really? Why does it matter?

1forsorrow Thu 16-Apr-20 22:44:50

The first one did start on Monday 23rd March, today we are told we are having another three weeks but it ends on the 11th May which is another 3.5 weeks. I know the law wasn't passed for a few days but the lockdown started, the curtain twitchers and police were on it. The 11th May is a Monday so definitely not 3 weeks today.

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1forsorrow Thu 16-Apr-20 22:45:54

Really? Why does it matter? Because 3 and 3 doesn't make 7. If we are having 3 weeks lockdowns they should last 3 weeks.

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Notcontent Thu 16-Apr-20 22:47:06

Does it really matter? No one is imposing this for fun or for any gain.

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 22:50:20

They are at least 3 weeks at a time, what matters is sticking to it for as long as we need to

Qcng Thu 16-Apr-20 22:50:42

But, who's saying we're having 6 weeks in total of lockdown? Noone.

After 7 weeks of lockdown everyone will be saying "Cor I'm glad those 7 weeks of lockdown are over"
Not 6.

They're saying another three because we're already in the 4th week, noone likes counting in halves.

Allthecandles Thu 16-Apr-20 22:55:37

I was going to post about this but felt a bit silly as no one else seemed to be asking the question. Is the three week extension starting today? So will be reviewed Thursday in 3 weeks. Or does it start Monday? I’m quite happy sticking with it I just like to have a rough timeline lol

ihearttc Thu 16-Apr-20 22:56:28

Where does it say 11th May? I assumed it was 3 weeks from today? Not having a go...that makes it nearer 8 weeks doesn’t it?

LastTrainEast Thu 16-Apr-20 22:57:23

1forsorrow 'They' have done this on instructions of the NWO to make you feel confused. And yes they were banking on the near certainty that no one in the UK could count to 7 grin

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 22:59:10

No idea where 11 May comes from, no dates have been put on it by the government!

Peppafrig Thu 16-Apr-20 23:00:22

Haven't seen the 11th May anywhere . It will be three weeks from today I guess.

ihearttc Thu 16-Apr-20 23:01:48

Which takes it to the day before the bank holiday doesn’t it? All the days are rolling into one at the moment!

slipperywhensparticus Thu 16-Apr-20 23:04:31

He put us in lockdown three weeks ago today that's why the meeting to extend was held today

He only closed the pubs etc the weekend prior to lockdown

Chloemol Thu 16-Apr-20 23:08:15

I suppose technically it could be 11 th may as three weeks is 7th May but the 8th is a bank holiday this year only for VE Day so really the first day back for many should lockdown be lifted in any way ( and not sure it will be) is Monday 11th

Tbh I don’t care when it’s lifted, it can go on to end of May if it stops some from dying

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 23:08:15

The lockdown was announced on the evening of Monday 23 March, it is effectively indefinite, but the impact has to be reviewed formally every 3 weeks from the date of the law being passed.

Lasvegas Thu 16-Apr-20 23:15:34

Thanks for explaining oxana. Does that mean for the first few days of the lockdown there was no legislation to enforce it?

OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 23:17:08


OxanaVorontsova Thu 16-Apr-20 23:17:50

This article explains it quite well I think

TheLadyAnneNeville Thu 16-Apr-20 23:38:17

Oh @1forsorrow... you’ll be amazed when this is all over by the things “they” tell us that just. don’t. seem. to. add. up. And well believe.

TheLadyAnneNeville Thu 16-Apr-20 23:38:52

We’ll believe.

midnightstar66 Thu 16-Apr-20 23:40:46

The extension was due previously but there was a small matter of our prime minding in ICU so it was delayed a little. HTH

Mulhollandmagoo Thu 16-Apr-20 23:54:04

Where did 11th of May come from? All we were told today was three more weeks, which from today is the 7th of May?

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