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I thought we were having a further three weeks lockdown???

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itsme1234 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:42:08

But there is a party going on over the road and children playing out!!!

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GreyGardens88 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:44:52

Call the police

Battysace123 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:47:48

Call the police. There was a party near my house and the police arrived within 5 minutes.

HavenDilemma Thu 16-Apr-20 21:22:24

Yep definitely call 101!!!

Then please report back! 🍿

The80sweregreat Thu 16-Apr-20 21:24:15

Yes call 111!

Samtsirch Thu 16-Apr-20 21:39:57

It depends on the definition of “party “
Children are still allowed to play out.
I would need more information before lighting the pitchforks.

ifonly4 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:47:47

Report it.

Also, children can play but not with any outside they're family unit.

Mlou32 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:48:47

I'd call 101. Let them deal with it.

Actionhasmagic Thu 16-Apr-20 21:49:25


Holothane Thu 16-Apr-20 21:50:55

We are, our neighbours children and them selves don’t seem to realise it though.

Sosadandempty Thu 16-Apr-20 21:52:42

I thought there were lots of people and cars out today relative to other days, as if some people had given up.

givemeacall Thu 16-Apr-20 21:54:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Destroyer Thu 16-Apr-20 22:15:02

Children are not allowed to play out- especially not together confused

celan Thu 16-Apr-20 22:15:03

I wouldn't report this. I'd get on with my life and be glad that at least someone is not having a shitty and horrible time of it.

disorganisedsecretsquirrel Thu 16-Apr-20 22:17:50

Then you do not understand anything about virus transmission then celan and because of people like you, we will have to endure this nightmare several weeks linger and see more people die.

Call the police OP

Khione Thu 16-Apr-20 22:18:22

Mind your own fucking business. This is exactly what is expected to happen. We have got below 1 on the the infection rate - it needs to go up again before people will take it seriously again.

CoronaIsComing Thu 16-Apr-20 22:19:30


TiredofSM Thu 16-Apr-20 22:20:18

Report. You can do it anonymously online.

CoronaIsComing Thu 16-Apr-20 22:20:31

@Khione guess you’re one of the ones not following the rules then. Everyone else can suffer hey.

TiredofSM Thu 16-Apr-20 22:21:09

@celan I have the opposite attitude! If I’m stuck inside miserable so should everyone else be!

1forsorrow Thu 16-Apr-20 22:21:24

It will be the end of the clap, my neighbours were all out for ages, laughing, standing close together, talking for ages after it was over. Great big help for the NHS, I none of them have it because if they do they probably all do now.

Carrie7469 Thu 16-Apr-20 22:21:34

Report it

nocoolnamesleft Thu 16-Apr-20 22:21:58

It probably won't be themselves they kill, it will be someone more vulnerable. Call the police.

celan Thu 16-Apr-20 22:28:00

@disorganisedsecretsquirrel Please don't tell me I don't understand virus transmission. This is one of the most patronising things anyone has said to me in almost 20 years on MN.

I am sticking to the lockdown myself. However, I am suicidally depressed by it. I am one of the people who will likely die as a result of this, but not as a result of catching the virus.

If someone else is saved from feeling the way I am by having a few children playing around outside, then I am certainly not going to criticise them, never mind report them.

Peppafrig Thu 16-Apr-20 22:29:05

Call the police on the selfish idiots .

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