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Waitrose limited selection for shielding customers

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Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:43:38

I’ve finally managed to get a shielding Waitrose delivery slot but it says they are offering a “restricted range”.

This includes - no cheese of any kind, no yoghurts except alpro, virtually no cakes except gluten free, no pizzas, no read meals, no white wine, only one type of red wine.

And yet, if you search for these products outside the “vulnerable booking slots” they have plenty.

IABU to find this extremely discriminatory?

(and yes I know it is a first world problem etc. but it still pisses me off).

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Astoatora54 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:45:10

That's really strange.

Astoatora54 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:45:41

Maybe it comes from a different depot so there are different items available?

baggies Thu 16-Apr-20 19:47:34

Waitrose seems to be the only supermarket slot I can get for my 88 year old dad and stepmum and then it's only click and collect but safer and less time consuming for me. No restrictions at all and plenty of different wine! Are you able to book one of theses slots and collect for them?

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:49:35

It’s for me as I am shielding. I can’t collect.

The restricted range for vulnerable people might not be nationwide but it certainly seems to apply where I am.

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Lumene Thu 16-Apr-20 19:50:22

Waitrose have made it quite clear what their priorities are.

Lots of well off, high spending long term customers over 70 seem to have access to the full range.

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 19:53:46

I’m a very well-off high-spending younger person but because I’m shielding it seems they have no interest in keeping me happy...

Yes my 70-something parents have no restrictions, although they do live in a different area.

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blossomwilloughby Thu 16-Apr-20 19:56:09

You haven't somehow clicked on some restricted diet/allergy button, have you?

eddiemairswife Thu 16-Apr-20 20:08:15

I fit that category, apart from well-off. I would say I'm comfortably off, and Waitrose are coming tomorrow. We had some very lean years when all the children (4) were young, so I don't feel guilty about not having to count the pennies now.

ikeairgin Thu 16-Apr-20 20:08:34

*You haven't somehow clicked on some restricted diet/allergy button, have you?"

That - I'm a picker at Waitrose and there are no limited ranges afaik

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:26:02

You haven't somehow clicked on some restricted diet/allergy button, have you?

I don’t think so but it is worth checking. Thank you.

@ikeairgin do you work in London? It might be just in my region.

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Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:29:34

I just checked and I definitely haven’t checked any restricted diet option.

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Astoatora54 Thu 16-Apr-20 20:35:19

It does sound like you are inside the healthy eating section! Are you on a computer or phone? Are you are sure you are not in a subsection of the website e.g.
Home - Groceries - Health, Free From & Specialist Eating

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:40:02

No I checked again. I get this sort of message:

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FlamingoAndJohn Thu 16-Apr-20 21:43:30

Have you selected a large store? For example in my town we have a big store and a little one.

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 21:47:27

Yes the flagship store.

For comparison, here’s the top of the desserts selection if I don’t log on as a shielded customer.

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Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 22:01:27

Oh - the picture seems to have been deleted. Anyhow it showed lots of desserts (including “freefrom” desserts).

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Tulipstulips Thu 16-Apr-20 22:06:51

When I could still get a Tesco slot, I noticed that the selection was more restricted when I logged in, than when I searched without logging in, I assumed it was because my local store didn’t have everything in stock, but stores local to other people would have other things in stock. Are you sure it’s not just that your local Waitrose doesn’t have much available? Is there anyone else who lives near to you, who isnt shielding and could log in and check?

disorganisedsecretsquirrel Thu 16-Apr-20 22:14:29

I am in the shielding group and have been offered slots with Tesco, Asda, and Morrison's.. no restrictions. I would change supplier ..

Egghead68 Thu 16-Apr-20 22:54:01

@Tulipstulips you might be right.

@disorganisedsecretsquirrel - yes I am also with Tesco’s and they have been great. Super-helpful delivery people and a good selection.

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Egghead68 Fri 17-Apr-20 06:20:43

I don’t know what was going on but it’s all back to normal this morning. I’ve managed to order both pizza and cheese (and macarons, ice-cream, chocolate...) so all good.

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FlamingoAndJohn Fri 17-Apr-20 07:34:21

Yay for pizza and cheese!
I’m guessing it was a bug rather than a deliberate choice.

Egghead68 Sun 19-Apr-20 12:34:19

Yes I think so - thank goodness!

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