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Masks and exit strategy

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Keepdistance Thu 16-Apr-20 17:46:45

So many other countries are enforcing mask wearing especially on public transport.
Luxumberg/new york/germany.

But uk will be the only ones who 'dont believe in them'
Because we dont have them.
So we need to stay in lockdown till we have them.
Reducing risk to everyone slowing spread.
More protection for shielding people and over 70s for when the get food deliveries or have to go to GP etc.
There are things we still dont know so better safe than sorry.
Gov need to take this on as not everyone can get hold of them/understands which ones to use etc.

If they can get ventilators nearly made and cpaps designed etc we can do something to manufacture more masks especially if this were to last 18m.
Plus it may not just be about getting it but the initial does you get. So less in environment less for anyone vulnerable at all to pick up.

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