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More cars about, are people 'over it'?

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Emcont Thu 16-Apr-20 10:23:33

I've just come back from a (essential!) shop and noticed way more cars on the road than when I went a last. My DH is a key worker and has said on his commute he has noticed this too. That every day it seems like the roads are getting busier.

Do you think people are getting restless and are going for drives? General people working? Or have you not noticed this?

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P1nkHeartLovesCake Thu 16-Apr-20 10:26:36

Maybe people like you needed food? You can’t really eat out, dc are home, people can’t buy lunch at work so most need more food at home.

Maybe other people are commuting to work by car so they don’t have to use public transport? Public transport use is very down according to our government

Maybe people have caring duties to poor old aunt sally?

These threads do make me chuckle, I was out and saw people but why are they out? 🙄

Emcont Thu 16-Apr-20 10:27:36

That's not what I meant though, was it?

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Jellybean27 Thu 16-Apr-20 10:29:26

I’ve noticed too.

Purplequalitystreet Thu 16-Apr-20 10:30:09

I thought this yesterday. Saw quite a few cars with 2 or 3 people (adults) in them as well.

MaryBoBary Thu 16-Apr-20 10:30:51

Yes I noticed this yesterday. Much more traffic about than last time I went shopping.

Itisasecret Thu 16-Apr-20 10:32:39

No, I think what has happened is many work places rushed to shut down when they shouldn’t have. Lots of people can still actually work, if they cannot work from home. Garages shut, warehouses shut, offices shut. I think it has now dawned on people this is for the long haul. So workplaces who were quick to close have had time to arrange their workplaces and re-open. It’s not just a case of an extended ‘Easter Holiday’. The roads are busier though, noticeably so within the last week. I think that is why.

slipperywhensparticus Thu 16-Apr-20 10:33:38

Yes and two adults shopping I'm looking at them thinking IM getting shit because I'm taking my 7 year old to the supermarket (I was even asked if I could leave him with a neighbour and they are going shopping as a couple

BraceYourselfEffie Thu 16-Apr-20 10:35:14

I would expect there are multiple reasons:

- people hunkered down and ate their stoks but now are starting to run out of food and the online deliveries are still a bit hit and mss
- people who could work from home, did, but some will have jobs that eventually they need to go back out again; for example, in IT all remote work was done but some work requires physical presence and this work may have been put off as ong as possible but now is being done
- other things that have been put off for so long but cannot be now. For example, I am taking the dog to the vet tomorrow because an infection that wasn't urgent has become so when managing at home, under remote vet supervision, has not worked
- people are getting lockdown fatigue
- some businesses that closed initially are now reopening (e.g. Burger King)

Redpurplegreen Thu 16-Apr-20 10:36:30

I’ve noticed lots more cars too and there is noticeably more on the motorway. I was driving on m1 earlier, and there was lots of traffic going south. For the last few weeks northbound has been busier.
Even last night when I took my partner to work there was MORE traffic than there is normally at night.

lotusbell Thu 16-Apr-20 10:38:21

It's always the ones who are 'out' themselves who pass comment on others who are out! And they always justify it before anyone can accuse them of being out unnecessarily!
Not a direct dig at you, OP but there are so many of these comments and posts about at the moment. In my experience, it's usually those out walking their dog, or getting their 'daily exercise' out in a rural area (that they regularly walk in, don't you know) and there are other people there too!
A friend on Facebook posted something similar on there yesterday and a nurse friend commented that there are plenty of people still going out to work as essential or key workers, and this is allowed! The point being that you don't know the reason people are out in their cars or walking - unless it is glaringly obvious that they have no genuine reason.
And on this point, can we stop the near on aggressive and often very defensive declarations of being a key worker? I understand people getting angry at those not following the rules but there is a small number of people almost blaming those of us deemed non essential workers.
I saw a post on Facebook, vaguely ridiculous about what type of banana you are today - lazy banana, banana in pyjamas, get the picture. It was obviously aimed at those of us working from home, or in self isolation and a few commented 'Keyworker banana'. It just feels like a dig. Never known so many people to suddenly jump on the "I'm a keyworker" wagon!

ohthepigeons Thu 16-Apr-20 10:43:23

I've noticed a lot more families out for a walk in our rural area. We could walk for a few miles the last few weeks and only see a few people. The last few days we've seen loads of people. Still very easy to social distance due to our area.

I think people must have just stayed at home and not even taken their daily exercise. Now cabin fever is setting in. People may be driving to top up their panic shopping which is probably running out around now too.

BenjiB Thu 16-Apr-20 10:43:38

I think people are becoming restless. Our business phone has been silent for 3 weeks. Yesterday it rang multiple time’s to enquire if we were open. Its not the sort of business that is essential to anyone.

BraceYourselfEffie Thu 16-Apr-20 10:47:51

And on this point, can we stop the near on aggressive and often very defensive declarations of being a key worker?

I have to say it always makes me smile a bit. I am a "key worker". That basically means I spend my day at home on calls and emails nagging people to do stuff that mean the emergency phone systems in one part of the country stay running. I feel like a fraud - some of us are not quite as brave heroic as the label might imply grin

Emcont Thu 16-Apr-20 10:52:44

My justification was satire and obviously missed 🤣 I added it so I didn't get bashed!

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Emcont Thu 16-Apr-20 10:53:35

@lotusbell And breathe...

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thewinkingprawn Thu 16-Apr-20 10:56:58

People going back to work, people going shopping etc etc etc or maybe they are all off for a jolly down the local shopping centre; pub; coast etc. Which seems more likely 🙄

HairyFloppins Thu 16-Apr-20 10:57:32

The road near me is just as busy as ever during the day. We don't tend to get the 5pm workday queue anymore though.

I think most folk are carrying on as normal. My neighbours are out and about most of the day as she shops a lot. Lots are still working.

The UK are not really in a lockdown.

Loads of my dd's friends are still out and about together.

bellalou1234 Thu 16-Apr-20 10:59:10

I've noticed.. I'm a key worker and leave early every morning and definitely an increase in cars..

00Sassy Thu 16-Apr-20 11:00:30

I know exactly what you mean.
At the beginning of the lockdown there were a lot less cars about on my way to work, and a lot less people out walking/jogging etc.

The streets are now much busier.

G3m81 Thu 16-Apr-20 11:03:37

There's definitely more cars about early in the morning but I think it's because everyone has the same idea of getting to the supermarket early to be first in line. I work in a supermarket and if I'm on a late shift the roads are still very quiet but I think it's definitely a case of let's go and get the queuing over with as early as possible.

NewName54321 Thu 16-Apr-20 11:16:17

Maybe people who were self-isolating for 2 weeks (whether for cv19 or a cough/ temperature due to any other cause) have done their time and are back in general circulation, whilst with the lockdown numbers starting to SI have reduced?

MerlinsScarf Thu 16-Apr-20 11:27:29

Several local businesses have announced this week that they're reopening in a new capacity, like restaurant wholesalers setting up contact free food box deliveries to domestic customers and independent shops getting an online store set up. It's only in the last week or so that they've got their strategy and logistics up and running.

I can think of a family-run shop that could reasonably have more than one family member in the shop at one time processing orders, for example. And as pps have said, other work has to be done that's now essential having been put off for the initial weeks.

This won't account for everyone, but does explain a few.

parietal Thu 16-Apr-20 11:31:21

i used to take the bus to the supermarket. now i drive because it is safer.

and a friend who works in the NHS was told he had to buy a car & drive to work because public transport was too risky.

lotusbell Thu 16-Apr-20 11:44:39

That was kind of my point, @BraceYourselfEffie.
There are plenty of 'keyworker' roles and not everyone feels the need to mention it at every opportunity. It's the ones who seem jump on any fun, lighthearted posts, memes and comments,which just feels like a dig at everyone else. I'm not a keyworker but I'm at home, trying to work, trying to run my household and get my 13 yo to occasionally come off his PS4. It's not easy for any of us, but it's the implication that unless you're a keyworker, you're not important.
My 'favourite' is something along the lines of "I can't stay home, I'm a key worker".
We are not worthy.

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