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Worried about my mum

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PhoebeBear Thu 16-Apr-20 02:48:46

I don't know where to post this I just need to get this off my chest. My mum and sister both work for the NHS. Mums working in hospitals and sister is a receptionist.
My mum just went back to work 2 days ago after being off for breast surgery- she had breast cancer 5 years ago and had it removed but went back under for some other things (she won't go into it much)
She's now back at work and I'm so worried for her, she has a low immune system as it is but I can't help but think if she caught this virus she wouldn't be able to fight it off 😔
I told her to take sick leave but she's worrying about paying household bills and rent with my dad being laid off from his delivery job also. My sister thinks the same about her.
I can't sleep and night and I text her all day everyday. I just want her to be okay

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moita Thu 16-Apr-20 06:28:14

That must be so hard OP. All I can say is the recovery rate is still really high for beating this thing - even in vulnerable people.

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