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The cough

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Claireshh Wed 15-Apr-20 22:25:52

Has anyone found anything that has helped with the cough? My husband has suspected Covid. His temperature has dropped back to normal but his cough that started on Saturday has really ramped up over the 36 hours. His O2 SATS are 98 and his peak flow readings are fine. He has clenil and ventolin inhalers. I’m not currently concerned about him deteriorating but I would like to ease his coughing. Nothing I’ve tried so far has helped. Has anyone found anything that has helped?

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squaresandsquares Wed 15-Apr-20 22:27:19

I don't have confirmation of was Covid but my daughter found sitting up helpful

maternityclothes Wed 15-Apr-20 22:29:03

I had a dry cough (and sore throat etc) in March. I found sitting up helped, also cold fresh air.

MrsMummyBx Wed 15-Apr-20 23:16:49

Honey lemon drink homemade x

nancy75 Wed 15-Apr-20 23:19:06

I’ve found cold and flu plus tablets combined with hot honey & lemon drink to be the most helpful ( drink is just Honey, juice half a lemon & hot water, with spoon of sugar if you want)

makingmiracles Wed 15-Apr-20 23:25:04

Might be worth trying piriton? I give my kids piriton when they have non stop coughs and can’t sleep and it stops the cough. Something to do with the antihistamine relieving the post nasal drip I think. Obvs you will need to check if can be taken alongside inhalers.

I stocked up before lockdown when I heard of the symptoms bing a cough and thought it was also interesting that on a post on fb someone was saying that the Chinese were trying various antivirals etc, but the name of the active ingredient of piriton was also on the list, I don’t know how valid or accurate the post was but I was intrigued.

whatthefuckishappening Wed 15-Apr-20 23:48:41

Also saline spray is meant to help with coughs in general

TheLadyAnneNeville Wed 15-Apr-20 23:49:23

Sleep sitting up.

Someone on here told me to put Vicks Vapour Rub on my feet and socks. It must’ve been psychological bit I felt it worked.

InglouriousBasterd Thu 16-Apr-20 00:45:02

Propped up at night, really helped m. Also I found a hot steamy shower helped as my chest felt so dry - a bit of humidity seemed to take the edge off that awful scraping feeling. Hot drinks too - in fact plenty of fluids, coughs are dehydrating.

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