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Shielding and no delivery slots

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PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:15:17

What are those of you doing that are shielding but no delivery slots? Sorry if it’s already been asked.

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ChipotleBlessing Wed 15-Apr-20 22:17:44

Have you registered on the government website? Which supermarkets have you tried?

bedtimebrew Wed 15-Apr-20 22:19:45

Have you tried the Morrisons boxes or marks and Spencer's boxes?

(I know you deserve a proper slot but I've no advice about that I'm

SinglePringle Wed 15-Apr-20 22:21:21

Are you registered as Sheilding, as in had the letter from the government and have you also registered yourself on the Gov.UK website for shopping? Have you had an email from a supermarket (triggered by the above steps)?

If so, you have to just keep hitting refresh on your chosen supermarket website. Usually takes about 45-90 mins but I’ve had a delivery slot every week for 3 weeks. Sainsburys also have a number to call if you’re shielding and can’t get a slot.

PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:22:15

The Morrison’s boxes wouldn’t work for us as there are 5 of us.

I’ve tried tesco, Sainsburys, and Asda. There is nothing showing up to the 5th of may and yes we registered on the gov website.

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irwellmummy Wed 15-Apr-20 22:22:42

My mum in law is shielding so we are ordering from local companies to deliver, we’ve got a butcher, local shop and a company doing veg/bread/fruit. Believe Morrisons are starting a new telephone ordering service as well.

Mmsnet101 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:22:43

Lots of independent or smaller cafes/butchers etc around us have started doing deliveries of veg boxes etc. Check if you have a local fb group for covid and see if anyone is doing similar in your area?

WoollyFoolly Wed 15-Apr-20 22:23:21

I've been trying to help my FIL with this. Have you registered as vulnerable on the government site? Tesco and Sainsburys have a phone line for you to try and get on their list of vulnerable people. Morrisons have food boxes which have essentials in that you can have delivered but you can't choose the contents.
Is there a local Facebook page set up in your area for coordinating help with shopping etc? Do you have any farm shops or catering suppliers or butchers/greengrocers who are doing deliveries? What about a milkman delivery, eg milk and more deliver bread, juice, cheese etc?

PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:23:33

Yeh we have the letter and emails but there are still no slots. All unavailable. Even under the bit that says “priority slots” with Tesco’s and nothing on Sainsbury’s either

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Didkdt Wed 15-Apr-20 22:23:57

When registering on the website you have to say you need help to get food otherwise the supermarkets won't be able to see you're on the list

Wingedharpy Wed 15-Apr-20 22:25:26

I found it very hit and miss.
You can check slots and there is nothing but check again a few hours later and sometimes, you land lucky.
Our local council have also joined forces with the Co-OP.
There is a number, at the council, to ring, place your order and they give you a "password".
Co-op phone back and repeat the password to you, so you know it's genuine, and you then give your card details to pay for the shopping.
Order is then delivered, by volunteers/council employees, within 24 hours.
Check your local Facebook page to see what is on offer in your area.
Check your local council website for same.

PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:25:28

Yeh I believe I did state we need help and I’ve had emails from the supermarket recognising priority but still all unavailable.

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Littlemiss74 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:26:05

I tried this number for sainsburys 0800 052 5500 and got through to a very helpful man who registered me. He said it could take up to 3 days but then I should be able to get a slot.

LtJudyHopps Wed 15-Apr-20 22:27:29

Apparently you need to sit there and refresh. My friend did this on Morrison’s at the weekend and got a slot for the next day. I really think it’s just pot luck at the moment!

Lou573 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:28:46

Same position here OP - on priority list with Tesco but as far as I can see it’s no better than the regular slots. The 80 item limit doesn’t help either as I can’t possibly shop for 4 to last until I might be lucky enough to get another slot.

Ginger153 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:28:48

Try Iceland? Apparently much easier even if it's not your usual option. Hearing this feedback from others who are shielding. Good luck!

Tattiebee Wed 15-Apr-20 22:30:34

Have you tried Asda at 10pm?

EstuaryBird Wed 15-Apr-20 22:30:52

The other night I stayed up until midnight to try for an Asda slot. They only do them for one week in advance.

Refreshed the site like a lunatic from 11:58 and couldn’t even get into the site. Eventually got in at 12:05 and all slots were gone. Got up to go to the loo at 1:16 and something made me just check...Result! Went straight in and there were 3 slots available.

Worth a try OP. Good luck.

LoisLittsLover Wed 15-Apr-20 22:31:26

I found asda click and collect okay - at ours they loads up your car so don't even have to touch lockers etc. It's also worth checking click and collect slots at a few different shops, not just your closest

Tattiebee Wed 15-Apr-20 22:31:52

They are released at 10pm for Asda, the ones available at 1am will be people who reserved a slot at 10 but didn't check out in time.

Peppafrig Wed 15-Apr-20 22:32:06

Are all five of you shielding ? As those living with you could go out shopping still.

PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:32:30

Hmm I have a Tesco’s shop coming tomorrow but I’m looking for something for after as with the 80 item limit it isn’t going to last 5 of us to the 5th of may!

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jakeyboy1 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:33:29

The Morrisons boxes are HUGE for a start, loads more in than I anticipated. Worth it if nothing else available.

ClientQ Wed 15-Apr-20 22:33:55

Tesco is the only one I've managed to get. Sainsbury's have no slots still, Ocado useless, nothing with Asda or Morrison's

PumpkinP Wed 15-Apr-20 22:34:01

Yeh I could send my 4 children under 10 shopping 🤔 or I could leave the child that needs to be shielded home alone. Decisions decisions 🙄

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