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Shortness of breath

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Kinsey99 Wed 15-Apr-20 21:58:52

Hey everyone. Within the last hour or 2 I've been short of breath ( I have been out in public within the last 2 weeks to go grocery shopping 2 times.) I'm definitely one who tends to overthink and freak out over everything but I'm wondering if shortness of breath from the virus comes and goes or if it's persistent? I do have asthma and have since I was born (but it hasn't flared up in a while, maybe a year or so?) I am also 34 weeks pregnant today (which could also cause shortness of breath due to my baby putting pressure on my lungs) and I have been having heartburn all day which I read can cause chest tightness from irritation lol. I'm assuming shortness of breath due to Covid-19 would be consistent but I thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks in advance smile

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SeasonallySnowyPeasant Wed 15-Apr-20 22:03:06

I’d recommend going through the NHS online Coronavirus symptom checker:

Hope all’s well OP.

custodiandiscount Wed 15-Apr-20 22:04:22

I've been really out of breath all week (asthma but fit) BUT I've also had itchy eyes for a couple of days and my nose is itching so I think it's hayfever starting. Hurrah! Could it be that?

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