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Has anyone claimed back their Oyster season ticket because of CV?

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Parakeet88 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:38:57

Ok thank you, so you'd be worse off than if they refunded 1/12th of the cost of an annual season ticket...

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milienhaus Wed 15-Apr-20 19:26:53

It sounds to me like if you have an annual travel card and used say 11 months you would get the cost of the annual minus the cost of 11 monthly travel cards back.

Parakeet88 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:25:01

I have an annual Oyster season ticket (started on 31 December) and I'm trying to decide whether to claim back for the period that I won't be using it for.

Has anyone done this? I just can't make sense of the guidance on TFL's website. It might be just me but it doesn't seem to make sense:

"Your refund is based on the price of your season ticket, minus the cost of the equivalent travelcards you would have needed for the period of time you used it to travel. The difference between these two costs is what you'll be refunded. You won't be refunded on a pro-rata basis."

I haven't used my travelcard for a month so how much would I get back??

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