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When to see family again?

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uhoh2020 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:18:31

When do you think we will be able to see family again? Go into each others homes etc.
My dc are desperately missing grandparents and the other way round. They have been speaking on the phone daily and a quick wave through the window now and again. They usually see them around 3 x a week before all this.
Do you think this will be 1 of the 1st restrictions to be lifted ?

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BuffaloCauliflower Wed 15-Apr-20 19:19:37

I hope so. I’m struggling with this aspect more than anything. Sod restaurants and bars I just want my family!

octoberbundle Wed 15-Apr-20 19:22:01

I really hope so, it feels like it's something that could be done carefully as long as no one is in the at risk group? Def seems safer than restaurants etc opening...

louise5754 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:28:44

What do you think will come first? Seeing family or schools reopening?

uhoh2020 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:31:26

I hope to God family! I can just about cope with them off school for the foreseeable but not having to stay away from family the same time too

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Sparklingbrook Wed 15-Apr-20 19:33:50

My nephew was born in January and I got to see him at 2 weeks old (a couple of hours drive away). He's 12 weeks now and I haven't seen him since. It's so sad. I am getting my cuddles as soon as I am allowed to.

LoisLittsLover Wed 15-Apr-20 19:35:23

I think visiting older people will be one of the ast restrictions or recommendations to be lifted, when we have a much better idea of a cure because each visit could potentially infect them and they are at increased risk through age

ErrolTheDragon Wed 15-Apr-20 19:46:26

There might be differing restrictions or guidelines depending on the age and risk factors of the family members.

But education is essential whereas loads of kids only see their grandparents once in a blue moon, if ever. It's understandable to want to see them but it's not a necessity.

Frompcat Wed 15-Apr-20 19:49:06

I don't know why people say "well some kids never see their grandparents". How is that relevant? I never saw my grandparents as a child and consequently wouldn't have missed them if we'd been kept apart for months. But my son normally sees my mother every day, so he does miss her and it is badly affecting him.

louise5754 Wed 15-Apr-20 20:06:55

My kids have seen their grandmother nearly every day of their lives. I'd much rather them be able to see her than start school if I'm honest.

Mrsjayy Wed 15-Apr-20 20:13:09

Ive not seen my dd for 4 weeks Dd is still out working too, my friends grandbaby was born last weekend and she hasn't seen them yet it is all just so awful isn't it sad

NotEverythingIsBlackandwhite Wed 15-Apr-20 20:14:40

It's understandable to want to see them but it's not a necessity.
My younger siblings didn't know any of our grandparents and feel they really missed out. I think family are far important than schooling. We gain education from relationships with our grandparents (and others).

ErrolTheDragon Wed 15-Apr-20 20:17:10

I'm sure many people feel that way. But others may feel strongly about other restrictions. I would guess the decisions on what restrictions to lift first will be made on pragmatic grounds.

Sorry if I sounded unsympathetic- it's tough in so many ways. My DD is 21 and hundreds of miles away, I've not seen her since Xmas and goodness knows when I will now, I do understand missing family!

Mrsjayy Thu 16-Apr-20 12:24:14

@ErrolTheDragon here's me moaning about 4 weeks I hope your Dd is ok and you see her this side of Christmasflowers

chipsandgin Thu 16-Apr-20 12:27:23

Depends on their ages? Over 70s are in lockdown for 12 weeks, all of my parents (originals plus step!) are over 70 so there are a couple of months to go. If they are younger and not in any risk groups then presumably sooner, but it is anyone’s guess - none of the European countries whose trajectory we follow have allowed this yet as far as I know so a while yet presumably.

trappedsincesundaymorn Thu 16-Apr-20 12:40:46

Family...I haven't seen my DD since January due to distance and work patterns. Video calling is all well and good but it doesn't make up for not being able to give her a hug.

trappedsincesundaymorn Thu 16-Apr-20 12:41:44

Not sure why I put "family" in that post....lockdown brain fog strikes again!

LilacTree1 Thu 16-Apr-20 13:22:14

I don’t know

But if it goes on more than another three weeks, I think even mum will want to do it

It’s only fear of police stopping us now.

OneForMeToo Thu 16-Apr-20 13:26:07

I kind of don’t want to. I know that sounds mean but I don’t know where they have been and who they will of been in contact with. Quite enjoying no forced family fun gatherings too. Easy for me to say with my dh and children at home though.

ohthepigeons Thu 16-Apr-20 13:27:34

I would think seeing older family members will be the last restriction lifted. Dm is late 60s and I'll be social distancing from her even if restrictions are lifted as she's asthmatic and if the schools go back I can't guarantee my dc won't be spreading it without symptoms.

I would consider seeing her and other family if this goes on for a really long time for a picnic, play in the garden etc but not be hugging or kissing and trying to maintain a safe distance.

LilacTree1 Thu 16-Apr-20 13:31:23

Grandparents will need to be back on the school run so it can’t be the last restriction lifted unless they want to limit the numbers able to return to work.

LilacTree1 Thu 16-Apr-20 13:32:33

Mrsjayy, my friend’s grandchild was born last week and she’s seen him, but that’s in Scotland, might be different restrictions.

corabel Thu 16-Apr-20 13:47:55

Chips and gin Over 70s have not been asked to stay in for 12 weeks. They are not automatically in the shielded group.

Mascotte Thu 16-Apr-20 13:52:43

I think it should be one Of the first things to be lifted as it’s pretty inhumane to keep people from their loved ones. Also, people will simply break this rule if it goes on too long.

Obviously some people will be happy doing it others will be more cautious. I’d leave it to them.

bluemarie87 Thu 16-Apr-20 13:58:10

Surely seeing family has to be one of the very first things lifted? I don't mean a large family bbq but seeing close family surely has to be done for a few reasons. It's good for mental health and I don't know about you but grandparents are a huge helping for "babysitting" when we go back to work. Without their help then most of my friends won't be able to return to work.

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