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Can I collect my daughter from Uni?

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LaDonnaDellaCasa Wed 15-Apr-20 18:12:37

DD is stuck at uni in Hertfordshire. As there were cases at the uni and my husband is on the shielded list she refused to come home on the 23rd and decided to stay by herself to self isolate.
That was 3 weeks ago and she has run out of food.
Can I now go and collect her?
I know we are all supposed to still be staying home - but the idea is not to pass on the virus - which she has done by staying put. Is it unreasonable for me to take 1 car journey of 40 minutes to pick her up and bring her home.
She is getting a bit edgy now - and we are not keen for her to go out and start shopping when we have everything here.

dementedpixie Wed 15-Apr-20 18:14:18

If she's going to spend the rest of the lockdown at your house then I'd say it's a valid reason to go and get her

GreyGardens88 Wed 15-Apr-20 18:14:45

If it's not essential then she should stay put

concernedstudent12 Wed 15-Apr-20 18:15:47

Can you take her some food from your own house to last a new weeks?

mynamesmrdiggety Wed 15-Apr-20 18:15:46

I would go and get her

BBCONEANDTWO Wed 15-Apr-20 18:15:50

Go get her - she's self-isolated and so long as she stays with you I don't see any reason.

concernedstudent12 Wed 15-Apr-20 18:16:09

You can just leave food on the doorstep for her

Wolfiefan Wed 15-Apr-20 18:16:41

Why can’t she get food?

dementedpixie Wed 15-Apr-20 18:17:32

If they are going to travel 40 minutes to take food then are they not as well to bring her home to stay with them?

PotteringAlong Wed 15-Apr-20 18:17:39

Go and get her flowers

dementedpixie Wed 15-Apr-20 18:18:24

If she goes out to get food then she breaks her SI. Was she isolating so she could come home?

Msgiggles30 Wed 15-Apr-20 18:20:01

I would be gone in a shot I wouldnt want her to be alone for potentially another 6-9 weeks. Sorry I know it's against the rules but if she been alone for 3 weeks and not broken isolation then the risk is so minimal. As long as she stays with you for the rest of the lockdown, there will be lots that say otherwise but do what you feel is right so long as she hasnt broke isolation x

SummerHouse Wed 15-Apr-20 18:20:11

I think that it's right that you get her. Many people would say not but you have to make your own decisions and do what's best.

Elouera Wed 15-Apr-20 18:21:35

She has run out of food confused

Unless she is shielding herself, why hasn't she gone out to buy herself food? Ask another friend at uni to shop for her or organised one of many, smaller delivery services to drop around eggs/milk/bread etc?

Its seems ridiculous that she is expecting you to make either a 40 or 80min round trip, risk infecting your OH, because she hasn't got herself food! Am I missing something?

dementedpixie Wed 15-Apr-20 18:23:51

I assume she is SI so she can go home. Go get her if you want her back with you.

Janaih Wed 15-Apr-20 18:25:50

Of course you can. Shes returning to her primary residence. If shes in halls I would try and clear out as much as you can though, save going back.

choli Wed 15-Apr-20 18:27:41

I would. Common sense means more than arbitrary "rules".

Bumbers Wed 15-Apr-20 18:27:42

Go get her!

CallmeAngelina Wed 15-Apr-20 18:28:15

There will be a whole load of people coming on here to clutch their pearls and say you shouldn't, but ffs, just GO.

SecondaryBurnzzz Wed 15-Apr-20 18:29:28

I’d go, as long as there’s no risk to your DH.

Sameold2020 Wed 15-Apr-20 18:29:42

Yeah, go and get her. She must be going mad there.

wouldyouadamandeveit Wed 15-Apr-20 18:33:23

I would get her without a doubt. Lots of us have done the same OP, me included, but I didn't post on here first for the MN Stasi to take me to task. thanks

LaDonnaDellaCasa Wed 15-Apr-20 18:33:52

Thanks all for the quick responses. sorry maybe should have explained a bit better.
Yes she was self isolating so that she could come home and wanted to be sure she wasn't carrying anything.
She made herslef 30 meals and froze them.
She has only been to the shops once to buy a few essentials.
Yes she would be coming home to stay now until September at least.
Yes she has been self isolating to follow the rules and to be sure she was clear to come home.

RoobyMyrtle Wed 15-Apr-20 18:35:38

It's not against the rules to bring a student back to the family home. I checked the rules before I did the same for mine.

FlibbertyGiblets Wed 15-Apr-20 18:36:30

Yes go and get her.

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