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Have you been in hospital recently?

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oldbagface Wed 15-Apr-20 10:52:24

I was in hospital over the weekend and now worried sick that I will have caught it in there.

So, I wondered if others have been in recently and how they have fared.

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Elzbells Wed 15-Apr-20 11:04:13

My mums spent loads of time in hospital recently both for her own issues and then again to spend time with a close relative receiving end of life care.

She's in her 70's and been absolutely fine. She's passed all possible incubation periods now.

oldbagface Wed 15-Apr-20 15:57:38

Thank you bells. I wish my daughter hadn't called the ambulance.

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user127819 Wed 15-Apr-20 16:22:48

I had to go into a hospital for a test 13 days ago (not overnight) and I was quite nervous of catching it, but I've been fine so far.

BriefDisaster Wed 15-Apr-20 16:23:01

We had to take DD to A&E about 3 weeks ago after a bad fall. We were terrified but couldn't not take her as she was complaining of chest pain.

It was like a ghost town, the waiting room and seemingly all bays were empty. It was a hard 2 week wait afterwards to see if any of us got symptoms but thankfully none of us did.

Imapotato Wed 15-Apr-20 16:24:33

I work in a hospital (clinical, but ahp rather than nursing). I haven’t been there since Thursday, but back tomorrow. I’ve fared ok so far.

Baaaahhhhh Wed 15-Apr-20 16:38:56

Nan went in last week for a dislocated hip. Best treatment she has ever had, very quick ambulance, fully PPE'd up, straight into green side of A&E, X-rayed immediately, operation that night, stayed a day, and was tested for Covid, negative, and sent home the very next day. She is a extremely high risk patient, and they obviously wanted to get her out asap. All well so far though. She is getting daily visits from nurse too.

AvocadoPrime Thu 07-May-20 18:23:29

Did everyone remain in good health after this thread. I too am now in the same situation and came looking for a thread.

Lostpuzzlepiece Thu 07-May-20 18:33:37

Yep, went in for a test last Saturday - was a ghost town and got called in 30 minutes ahead of appointment time. No symptoms so far smile

Dorual Thu 07-May-20 23:46:55

Same. I was in covid A and E unit last Saturday. No symptoms yet. Scared though.

Hockeyboysmum Thu 07-May-20 23:52:22

Yes. Been admitted to 3 different hospitals in last 7 weeks. 0nce for 2 days to get steroids for expected early labour, then a different hospital for c section and then lastly 4 days in childrens hospital with my baby. Just home yesterday. He is 5 weeks old and has also been in 3 hospitals. Covid is least of my worries tbh

Dilbertian Fri 08-May-20 08:03:32

I'm 10 days post an urgent care hospital visit. TBH it hasn't occurred to me to be worried or any more watchful for symptoms. I felt absurdly safe in the hospital. It was like a ghost town, so empty. Everyone keeping distance. Every member of staff I interacted with was masked and gloved. Anyone I came close to was also aproned. Everything reusable was wiped down with sanitiser before and after it was used on me. Hand sanitiser for me. I didn't touch any doors, though I did have to hold on to the bannister. Hands washed and clothes changed when I got home. I have no concerns over infection.

MerryDeath Fri 08-May-20 08:11:50

every interaction i've had with the NHS since this started has been absolutely scrupulous in protective measures.. i've felt much less likely to catch anything there than the supermarket!

AvocadoPrime Fri 08-May-20 08:32:05

@Hockeyboysmum congratulations on your baby! I am sorry it has been such a difficult time for you both and I hope you are both okay flowers

@Dilbertian I hope you are okay now. I had the same, taken in by ambulance and was there for about 6 hours. Ward was empty bar me. I was masked as were staff who were also gloved. I'm just worried because I drank from a cup. Maybe too paranoid. Other than that I didnt touch anything and if I did I washed my hands straight away. Same as you washed clothes and showered as soon as I got home.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Fri 08-May-20 08:56:49

Yes, tested, clear.

IvinghoeBeacon Fri 08-May-20 09:01:28

I gave birth a couple of weeks ago and spent 12 hours on a postnatal ward. Absolutely fine. More worried about PND due to lockdown conditions than coronavirus here

Bagelsandbrie Fri 08-May-20 09:03:16

Yep I had a chest X-ray. Absolutely fine. Felt very safe and clean.

IvinghoeBeacon Fri 08-May-20 09:03:17

I have also had to attend hospital as an outpatient a number of times in the last month, and still fine. Personally I’m more worried about the fact that there is zero community follow up for me and my baby

Greenkit Fri 08-May-20 09:07:02

I was in hospital for 3 days, came home yesterday, I was rested in hospital and came back neg

SparkyTheCat Fri 08-May-20 09:57:18

Three visits to EPU to have a miscarriage diagnosed, confirmed then (when the miscarriage failed to complete naturally) treated. They're in a separate building to covid wards and had sensible precautions in place. DH was unable to attend the second scan or op, but staff were so kind and thoughtful. Like a PP I felt safer covid-wise there than at the supermarket.

AvocadoPrime Fri 08-May-20 09:58:50

@IvinghoeBeacon congratulations! I hope you and baby are well. Have you not even had contact via phone with health visitors to check in?

@Greenkit glad you are home and hopefully better! I was tested too and havent had results but I'm guessing if they were positive I'd have had a phone call. I know it can take 14 days to show symptoms so I guess it's just a wait and see situation!

AvocadoPrime Fri 08-May-20 09:59:46

@SparkyTheCat I am so sorryflowers

kevintheorangecarrot Fri 08-May-20 10:19:52

I wouldn't go near a hospital unless my life or anyone in my families life is in danger. My friend went into hospital for surgery (she was shielding due to health issues) and she caught coronavirus.

IvinghoeBeacon Fri 08-May-20 10:23:24

What about to give birth, or for your baby to have its vaccinations, kevintheorangecarrot?

Neither of our lives in danger, but home births are all cancelled and some things are still higher risk than coronavirus, believe it or not.

Dilbertian Fri 08-May-20 11:06:28

staff were so kind and thoughtful

Exactly so. They sent dh away kindly, but firmly, and were lovely to me. Up until they decided that I was fine to leave, and which point they couldn't wait to get rid of me! Still kindly and firmly,

So sorry for those of you who have had to go through this sort of thing without your loved one by your side. I, luckily, am fine.

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