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To ask if you caught it off someone in your house or avoided it.

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Shiningbright9729 Wed 15-Apr-20 09:51:06

11 days ago DS started showing signs. He didn’t have a cough but had a low grade fever and he was completely wiped out for a few days and could hardly get out of bed. Usually he has endless energy. Didn’t eat for a week either. But has been okay for 4 days now.

So obviously we are isolating for a few more days but the rest of us have been fine. If it was covid I was fully expecting more of us to catch it. It would have been impossible to isolate DS in his room. Although he spent a lot of time in bed he also got up too (he has additional needs and doesn’t really understand distancing). He had cuddles off us and we only have on bathroom. I did clean and sanitise as much as possible between having a poorly child and a toddler and we were all cleaning our hands etc.

But I was fully expecting myself, oh or toddler to catch it.

Anyone else experienced this?

Maybe it wasn’t covid. Maybe it was and we’ve been lucky!

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Keepdistance Wed 15-Apr-20 10:03:08

We got somethIng 12d ago. Dp first then me the next day then today dd1 has the cough. (Not sure about dd2 as already has a cough).
It seems covid can be asymptotic though and obly 97% of cases are within the 11 day incubation. Some have been 20+ days.

It's very unclear what % of kids get any symptoms. As in if its only 1% then we were unlikely to have had covid here as the kids got it.

We arent even sure where we got this as havent been out in 4w and only had food delivered at that point...Also dp getting it forst suggests not from kids beig at school. (We had just a very nasty cough each after a sore throat so not typical CV but where on earth we caught it!?

FATEdestiny Wed 15-Apr-20 10:04:03

Given the number of asymptomatic people is assumed to be high, i think this is normal.

Six live in our house (me, DH, 4 children under 16). So substantial risk of inter-household spread.

5 weeks ago...

DS14 had a very high temp and was unwell but no cough. Lasted 2 days only. On the third day of his illness I started with a dry cough. No temperature but completely wiped out and bedridden. Lasted about 6 days.

No one else in our house has been in any way ill. I assume all 6 of us must have caught it from each other - we are tactile, share towels, toddler in our bed while I was ill. But DH and the other 3 children (inc toddler who was often in bed with me when I was ill) have had no symptoms.

MyHairNeedsASnip Wed 15-Apr-20 10:08:10

DD got something 4 weeks ago, high temp, dry cough etc... a week ago I got the aches and the temperature and the cough. DH seems unaffected so far.

memememe Wed 15-Apr-20 10:11:31

dh started with a low fever achy legs and felt crappy for 4 days, 1 week later i get fever, headache eye/sinus pain and take to bed for 4 days then get cough and breathlessness which lasts for a further 7 days and no sense of smell/taste. full better after 3 weeks. the children (pre teen) both had a fever and were cranky/tearful for 1 day (different days) and early 20's child has had no symptoms at all.

EthelMayFergus Wed 15-Apr-20 10:31:35

Dh had it, then me. We have four children and I can't believe that they didn't catch it so I'm going to assume that they did and were asymptomatic. One child had a headache and an upset stomach for 36 hours, which may or may not have been it, but the other three have had no symptoms at all. Fingers crossed that it's paid your house a visit and left without too much damage.

yumscrumfatbum Wed 15-Apr-20 12:03:28

My youngest was ill the last week they were at school. Started with an upset tummy, then got a temp and sick twice. Temp continued and she spent about 4 days in bed. A week later DD developed a sudden dry cough, aches but no temp. She spent 7 days in bed coughing almost constantly. The rest of us (5 in household) didn't develop any symptoms. We isolated for around 21 days because I wasn't sure youngest actually had the virus whereas I felt certain DD did because her symptoms seemed textbook.

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