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Help Coronavirus Insomnia Tips

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Nightowl92 Wed 15-Apr-20 00:50:37

I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering as I see several posts from FB friends at the moment who are unable to sleep through the night. I find myself waking up every 2 hours, sometimes able to get back to sleep within minutes sometimes not for hours. Anyone got any sleep remedies or tips for a full nights sleep. Tried nightol didn’t help at all.

Thanks in advance!

Mymindblown Wed 15-Apr-20 01:00:26

I'm the same really struggle to get to sleep then waking up quite a lot too. It's not even like I'm stressing while trying to get to sleep I don't get it! But must be something going on in my brain.

Nightowl92 Wed 15-Apr-20 01:08:10

@Mymindblown I know the feeling so well! I’ve been for a walk today for an hour hoping this helps. Also purchased lavender pillow sleep spray and candle from amazon hoping this helps due to arrive tomorrow. I’m also gonna try resisting the temptation to pick up my phone when I wake up in the night And I’m watching something I love before bed such as friends and tonight I’ve even tried a shot of whiskey to see if this helps. Any tips apprecdited grin

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