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Key workers and DC school

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Piixxiiee Wed 15-Apr-20 00:46:33

I'm a key worker (teacher) I'm expected ted to be in work on a rota between 2 -4 days a week. The other days I'm wfh- setting work, marking work, emails, assessments, reports/reviews/ online courses and school policy rewrite. Dh full time wfh.
We're struggling with how to actually do this and homeschool. Debating sending our kids to school , although we didnt want to risk it, I'm struggling with how we can both keep our jobs and kids at home.....
Any one else similar?

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EachDubh Wed 15-Apr-20 00:57:15

Can ypu not use the hub on the days you are in school? I manage online working from home (teaching primary) and my two 4 and 7. They know that when i shut doors i am teaching directly online and nit available. Other times i work when they are in bed, they only do supported work in morning and i have parents cobta ting me until 10pm so am happy to be flexible. When in hub they have to go to my dad who is in his 70s but can't take them to work and dh is out at work and main income. It's a juggle and my kids miss out a lot on support and time but they understand. It isn't easy for anyone just now so don't put too much pressure on ypurself and do what you need to do to get through.

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