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Doing lockdown alone

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flirtingwith40 Tue 14-Apr-20 23:34:11

Just wondering how those that live alone are coping with lockdown?

I have good and bad days, some days I have a good and bad day. Today's one of those days.

I just feel so lonely and sad at times. I have a bf but it's early days for us so there has been no mention of us temporarily living together (although I'd like nothing more) we aren't talking as much as I would like us to, but I suppose there's not much to say is there.

I'm rambling now. What do you do to cope during those low lonely moments?

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PumpkinP Tue 14-Apr-20 23:50:02

How long have you been together?

flirtingwith40 Wed 15-Apr-20 19:38:09

Six months

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PinkBuffalo Wed 15-Apr-20 19:42:14

I understand op. I by my own. It is shit I am so sad sometimes. sad
I the only one without kids. It hard goe everyone but this week has felt particularly shit for me sad

PinkBuffalo Wed 15-Apr-20 19:43:34

Do you at least talk to your partner? Calling every evening might help you? I not have a partner so not know if that would help x

sociallydistained Wed 15-Apr-20 19:51:57

I'm on my own too but I enjoy my own space. I miss my partner but we speak on and off all day, FaceTime and zoom calls with friends.

H1978 Wed 15-Apr-20 20:56:43

I am sad for you op, sometimes when the kids are squabbling or dh is being a bit unbearable I crave my own space but I’m so thankful for them being here with me at this time, I’d hate to be alone sad

angorarabbit Wed 15-Apr-20 21:00:58

It's tough, isn't it. I am by myself, missing family and currently not working. Sometimes I feel really down, but then feel guilty as both myself and my family are well so far.

runningpink Wed 15-Apr-20 22:00:16

It’s awful, I already struggled before with loneliness but that was nothing compared to now. Today has been my worst day since lockdown began.
So many things jumbled around in my head and no one with me to offload to.

I don’t want to bother friends with how I’m feeling as I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones (not working but getting paid/no juggling childcare etc. so feel guilty for not just getting on with everything.

GinDrinker00 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:02:00

Find a good show with plenty of seasons to binge. That’s what’d I do if I was kid free. You have my sympathies op, it can’t be easy.

flirtingwith40 Wed 15-Apr-20 22:32:42

I've found my people. Sending you unmumsnety hugs. It's so shit isn't it.
Some days I just can't pull myself out of the funk, and cry on and off all day.
I do often feel guilty about feeling sorry for myself when people are going through much much worse but I can't hold onto that perspective long enough to change my mindset.

I think it would help me if i spoke to my bf every night, I just don't feel like he wants that. (That's a separate issue I think)

I do need a good series to get into, I'm struggling to relax (I just seem to potter all day)

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