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If you have had Covid 19 how did your symptoms progress?

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Claireshh Tue 14-Apr-20 23:05:11

My son, daughter and I have been unwell since 17th March. All different symptoms and none of us were awful although my son ended up on antibiotics for a secondary infection.

My husband became unwell last Monday.
Day 1-4 Crushing head pain, feeling off. Kept going up to bed as he found the noise if the children difficult. Not like him at all.

Day 4 - checked his temperature and it was 39.1. Totally bedbound from this point. Paracetamol did not bring his temperature down or take away head pain. Didn’t want to eat anything but happy to drink fluids.

Day 6 - cough started. Fever peaks at 39.6. Struggling with only four doses of paracetamol in 24 hours. He was shaking with the fever.

Day 7 - wheeze started in his chest. After being triaged via 111 and speaking to the out of hours doctor he was given a referral to local Covid assessment place.

Day 8 - attended the Covid centre and was assessed. He was prescribed a prophylactic antibiotic to help avoid a secondary bacterial infection. He slept all day and all evening. Still on paracetamol and temperature is a bit lower at 38.9.

Day 9 - temperature is lower and he managed to come downstairs for an hour. Ate some dinner and went back to bed.

Does any if this sound similiar to what you have had? What came next?

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