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Slowly coming out of lockdown for businesses

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somm Tue 14-Apr-20 21:53:38

I know for many the idea that pubs, cafes and restaurants are shut is a minor problem; athough not for those who own them. For others, these businesses provide them with a social life, connecting them with others. Humans are social animals; we survive by living in social groupings (as most animals do).

When we're looking at gradually coming out of lockdown certain things will be prioritised over others. I know that opening up pubs and restaurants will be well down the line. However, couldn't it be possible to open up their outside areas, ie pub gardens, to allow people to gradually spend time in a social environment outside? As long as there's the space to sit apart - have one or two staff available inside the pub, ring the pub or use an app, give your order; order's brought out, placed by door, and customer collects it. Use a payment machine that doesn't require cash. Enjoy your drink in the beer garden.

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TDL2016 Wed 15-Apr-20 08:09:03

There’s only one pub near me with a pub garden. So that wouldn’t work in my area, nice idea though.

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