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Positive lockdown thread anyone?

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WoeIsMee Tue 14-Apr-20 21:21:45

Oooh how did I forget the garden!! I’ve done SO much gardening, and actually enjoyed it rather than rushing about in the evenings to get stuff done.

Also love not constantly rushing. Rushing to get up, get ready, school run, after school clubs, everyone’s sports, shopping, work, do this do that, be here be there.

I sometimes feel like this is a much more natural way to live, and possibly why people were mostly happier 50+ years ago.

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Ipadipod Tue 14-Apr-20 21:14:47

I have spent hours in my garden , I’ve made some planters , dug in loads of manure , put up an archway, I’m very chuffed with myself !
The other day I did absolutely nothing, sat on the sofa surfing the net and eating biscuits , I didn’t feel in the least bit guilty.

ofwarren Tue 14-Apr-20 21:13:03

I'm enjoying spending more time gardening, just relaxing with the kids rather than doing the school run, getting up later, the good weather, spending time with my husband, spending time with all my cats, having no expectations on what I do with my time, not having anyone other than delivery people knocking on my door.

WoeIsMee Tue 14-Apr-20 21:10:03

Anyone else finding the positives and wanting to share them?

I’m really enjoying:
Spending more time together as a family
Living life at a slower pace
Having to think more about making food last
The good weather!
Reading more
Spending less!
Getting the house in order
Quiet roads

Anyone else?

Polite note - if you are not enjoying any aspect of lockdown, please feel free to direct yourself to one of the many threads discussing this rather than shouting at me about all the negatives smile

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