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Do you think you will have a job after furlough ends?

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DreamChaser23 Tue 14-Apr-20 18:44:15

the scheme is due to end in the beginning of June. And there has been no official decision made on whether the government will extend the scheme.

If the scheme ends I will definitely love my job. How about you?

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DreamChaser23 Tue 14-Apr-20 18:44:51

lose my job

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MrsChoc Tue 14-Apr-20 18:46:43

If furlough isn’t extended then I think my employer (charity) will need to make a lot of redundancies. I’m actually due to leave in a few months anyway so I think it’s unlikely I’ll be going back. (And I’ll just have to hope that my new employer will still be able to honour my job offer)

Smileyoriley Tue 14-Apr-20 19:19:35

Also work for a charity and sorry to say I don't think any of us (half the workforce who have been furloughed) will have a job to go back to.

Waxonwaxoff0 Tue 14-Apr-20 19:29:47

My workplace has had to close (factory selling non essential goods) so we are all currently on furlough. If we aren't allowed to reopen by the end of June at the latest the business will go under. If we reopen there will probably only be about half the staff members going back at first until business picks up again. I won't be one of them as I'm a very junior staff member and my job can easily be done by someone else if their own workload is small.

I have no idea at this point.

FascinatingCarrot Tue 14-Apr-20 19:31:13

Nope. They were trying to cut staff before this happened with any excuse under the sun so they've got a full on excuse to get rid of more now.
I'm trying to see it as a fresh start

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Tue 14-Apr-20 19:34:04

Yes, our team was so lean to begin with (due to stingy directors) that I think they would really struggle with even one less. Having said that my role involves a lot of travel, they could very easily decide to replace me with someone based in the head office, in another part of the country.

hmm que sera sera

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