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Free Musicals - the shows must go on

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GetUpAgain Tue 14-Apr-20 18:29:11

Really enjoyed both of the free musicals that have been on you tube so far. Does anyone know when they announce what the next one will be please?

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HelloViroids Tue 14-Apr-20 19:00:18

According to the Standard it’s Phantom next smile

IsadoraQuagmire Tue 14-Apr-20 19:11:04

That Phantom is often on Sky Arts channel, if you have it. They've also been repeating the 25th anniversary Les Mis this week.

picklemewalnuts Tue 14-Apr-20 19:13:33

I saw Jesus Christ Superstar. What have I missed?

namechangenumber2 Tue 14-Apr-20 19:14:23

Not free , but Curtains the musical is being streamed tonight - £7.50. Starts in a couple of minutes!

picklemewalnuts Tue 14-Apr-20 19:15:32

I'm watching Jane Eyre at the moment- it's a bit 'clever' for me. I'm not sure I'd have been able to follow it if I didn't already know the book.

Saw one man two guvnors, too.

I'm enjoying the opportunity, we wouldn't usually go to theatre.

emilybrontescorsett Tue 14-Apr-20 19:15:57

I watched Jesus Christ superstar and loved it even though I've seen it before.

supafish Tue 14-Apr-20 19:26:43

I watched Jesus Christ superstar at the weekend , excellent and a real treat x

YogaLite Tue 14-Apr-20 19:27:03

Loved Joseph.
Just watched Our House and Mozart Rock Opera.
Lots of operas available too.

YogaLite Tue 14-Apr-20 19:59:18

Also The Waitress and Legally Blonde are available.

Chimpd0g Tue 14-Apr-20 21:03:36

Ooh please can someone post the link? Thank you

GetUpAgain Tue 14-Apr-20 21:22:49

Ooh thank you, never seen Phantom will look forward to that!

Stick with Jane Eyre, I ended up loving it, but it was a slow start. i.e. I didn't have a clue what was going on but turned out that wasn't me being thick, it was meant to be revealed bit by bit.

Thanks for the other things too. For anyone who likes dance I think Hofesh Schecter is on bbc iplayer

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YogaLite Sat 18-Apr-20 16:06:28

This show blew my mind, timeless music, colourful, beautiful lyrics and 2 very handsome Frenchmen (swoon), Don Juan musical:

Sunflower6 Sat 18-Apr-20 16:13:11

Yoga lite - where are legally blonde and the waitress available to view?

YogaLite Sat 18-Apr-20 16:32:36

Both on YouTube.

oxydrive73 Sat 18-Apr-20 18:22:59

You can't watch waitress or legally blonde legally, they are bootlegs. This site is updated regularly with whats on

Leontine Sat 18-Apr-20 18:57:20

I missed Jesus Christ Superstar last week but saw Joseph the week before and am planning to watch Phantom tonight. Anyone know where I can watch Jesus Christ Superstar online?

saveforthat Fri 01-May-20 19:15:43

Anyone watching ALW 50th Birthday? Donny Osmond is on now

ladypete Fri 01-May-20 21:24:07

It’s so lovely to hear that you are enjoying watching these whilst in lockdown.

I am an actor in this industry myself.
Could I please ask that if anyone can and wants to, you think about donating to Acting For Others and/or the Equity Benevolent Fund (this is our Union’s hardship fund)

Many friends and colleagues of mine (some of whom you have watched in the shows mentioned above) have had to claim through these for financial help as our industry has understandably shut for the foreseeable future. There is no furlough option, no WFH etc, and no auditions for future jobs as there is no clarity regarding theatres reopening! We also aren’t paid for these streamings wink

I know lots of us MNers have lost income, so no pressure, but as this is a thread appreciating our work I thought there would be no harm in flagging these charities as they have really helped many of my nearest and dearest smile

bigchris Fri 01-May-20 21:26:24

It was brilliant , Glenn close blew my mind !

CountFosco Fri 01-May-20 21:29:57

ladypete do those funds just help actors or all the backstage staffs well. I have relative who works in the theatre, he has no income at the moment, it's quite scary because he has never had any trouble getting work before and now it has completely dried up.

chocolatviennois Fri 01-May-20 21:31:22

Have watched and enjoyed all the shows so far. Phantom two weeks ago was amazing.

KenDodd Fri 01-May-20 21:32:20

Yes please links?
Does anybody know if Hamilton is going to be streamed? We were booked to see it in April but obviously it didn't happen, they just cancelled our tickets and sent a refund.

LumpySpacedPrincess Fri 01-May-20 21:36:21

I think they were planning on filming Hamilton for Disney plus.

We saw it the weekend before lockdown, bloody brilliant.

ladypete Sat 02-May-20 05:03:46

@CountFosco I believe Acting For Others helps all theatre workers. Equity would cover actors and stage management as they are our union.

Musicians, crew, wigs, chaperones etc have their own Unions, so it would depend what his exact job/department is.

I’m sorry to hear about your relative. I’m the same. 9 good years of acting work and now no industry to work in!

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