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Any single parents got Covid?

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UndertheCedartree Tue 14-Apr-20 15:19:08

I've just come down with symptoms yesterday. i have a bit of a cough, a low level high temp and headache which paracetamol are helping with. But the worse thing is the weak muscles and fatigue and I also get so dizzy if I even just move my head too fast. If I try to walk I fall over so having to crawl to the bathroom. I have 2 DC (8 and almost 13) who are having to fend for themselves. Luckily the eldest can cook and make food but I don't want to put too much on him. I'm trying to get the youngest to do some school work (eldest is fine) as well without her coming to near me - I'm trying to isolate in my bedroom. We all have masks and I have gloves I could use if I need to. Is anyone in the same situation? How are the DC coping and any tips to make things easier?

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JemNadies Tue 14-Apr-20 16:10:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JemNadies Tue 14-Apr-20 16:11:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ivegotthisyeah Tue 14-Apr-20 16:18:16

Defo forget about school work you must rest! Try and eat to keep your strength up. How awful for you, maybe explain for he kids they are going to have to help you so you can get over it quickly and that they will have to fend for themselves for a little time. thanks

UndertheCedartree Tue 14-Apr-20 16:20:28

Thank you - yes, it makes sense to leave the school work! Good to hear DC having minimal/no symptoms.

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Enchantmentz Tue 14-Apr-20 16:37:19

I don't have corona op but I felt ill yesterday, chills. Headache and eventually vomiting. Today I am very tired but otherwise fine, Before going to bed last night I reminded dc what I expected of them if I was sick in bed tomorrow and set up the kitchen in terms of easy to prepare food. My dc is almost 10 but has sen so doesn't do any kind of kitchen stuff besides raid the snack cupboard, she would manage fine if I left her to her own devices for the day. It is a worry though!

Definitely sack off schooling, anything they can do for themselves let them do it.

I remember being ill when dc was 2 and I just laid on the sofa for a few days and only moved when I absolutely had to.

Historyofeverything1 Tue 14-Apr-20 17:21:00

I dont have cv however am a disabled single parent at times I am bedbound.
3 dc all know my expectations for these times. Bedtimes need to be kept to, need to have a shower, eat meals (usually simple beans on toast, pizza, sandwiches etc), tidy up after themselves (its never great but every little helps), support each other. Every thing else goes out of the window at these times and is caught up with at other times. Eldest often trys to keep up with laundry but it's not essential short term. It's about just getting through each day alive, fed and watered.

UndertheCedartree Tue 14-Apr-20 19:06:04

Thank you

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cheesemongery Tue 14-Apr-20 19:59:32

I currently have it and I'm a single parent, DD is 11. Luckily so far it has been mild, as in I've been able to get up, sort her lunch and dinner etc but other than that it's been back to bed and very early nights. I've had to pretty much abandon her to play with her schoolfriends on roblox - she's not too gutted! We haven't tried to distance ourselves or anything as she's been with me constantly before hand anyway. She's not showing any symptoms. I'm currently day 4ish I think. Can I ask what symptoms other people have had as my temperature is very low but GP still classes it as a fever. I lost my sense of smell today. I've been shivering, sweating, coughing, and just wiped out fatigue wise.

How long did it take people to feel better also?

tootsey Tue 14-Apr-20 21:06:12

Single parent here. Haven't been tested, but 2 GPS and a nurse were pretty sure I have it. Did not isolate from Ds did not see the point as he was around me to much the days and weeks before.

It's now day 29 and I just have a burning chest/back left. It has been very scary indeed.

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