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Cannot amend Asda delivery

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NewChapter11 Tue 14-Apr-20 14:25:43

My delivery is due in three days, however I just can't see the option to amend. Is the amend availability no longer available because I paid and checked out in advance a few days ago? (I'm new to Asda)

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PurpleGhost Tue 14-Apr-20 14:26:36

It's only amendable within the 2 days before delivery at the moment.

OuterMongolia Tue 14-Apr-20 14:28:24

It's to stop people going on several times to make amendments, and making the website busier and slower. You'll still be able to amend your order the day before delivery.

NewChapter11 Tue 14-Apr-20 14:29:02

My delivery is due on Friday (three days)

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thaegumathteth Tue 14-Apr-20 14:31:17

Yeah you can only amend in the two days before

NewChapter11 Tue 14-Apr-20 14:31:28

Sorry I understand now, amendable WITHIN two days. blush

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juneybean Tue 14-Apr-20 14:31:44

It literally says at the top "You can only amend your order in the 2 days before it's due. This helps us manage demand so we can serve everyone."

So you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Gemzee Tue 14-Apr-20 14:43:12

If you download the asda app then you can amend it every day if you like (I do!).

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