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Rats turn to war and cannibalism during lockdown

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YangShanPo Tue 14-Apr-20 14:19:33 the rats are not doing well in the lockdown!

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Didkdt Tue 14-Apr-20 14:29:22

I hate rats they give me the creeps.
It's an interesting point mentioned in passing in the article though desperate rats are a problem for households and for the homeless.

goldfishkiss Tue 14-Apr-20 14:37:42

I did wonder about the rats in the cities and how they might behave during lockdown. I thought they would move outwards to suburban areas and that soon lots of people would be complaining for rats. Apparently they die off quite quickly though once the food dries up and the population plummets, perhaps due to the cannibalizing of their young. Grim, but interesting.

YangShanPo Tue 14-Apr-20 14:59:14

Round here it's the Seagull mafia which are terrorising the bin men.

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CaptainMerica Tue 14-Apr-20 15:16:29

I noticed an increase in seagulls and pigeons around here, and wondered if they are suffering from a lack of food litter.

Celandines Tue 14-Apr-20 17:42:00

I had to stop feeding the birds as it was attracting rats. A shame as I'd enjoyed seeing birds in the garden for a while.

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