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Worried that they will try to life restrictions too soon?

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goldfishkiss Tue 14-Apr-20 09:47:14

On the news today I keep hearing that in other parts of Europe restrictions are starting to be lifted on some shops, businesses and soon on schools and nurseries. I feel like after the massive pressure on the government to respond to the virus by going into lockdown a few weeks ago in the UK there is already a mounting pressure to release the lockdown and let us get back to normal and restore the economy.

While I do understand that I also worry that if we lift the restrictions too soon then we nullify our efforts of the last few weeks.

I do think that things could have been and should have been done differently. For example the NHS could have been better managed to continue to provide life-saving treatment for non-covid patients.

I also worry that by each country operating individually rather than collaboratively we risk reinfecting each other globally as is already being seen in China and other parts of Asia.

I do understand its hard for people, its hard for me I've lost a lot of my income and my home isn't an ideal lockdown environment. I understand that the economy is important and that peoples lives depend on it but this virus is still a very real risk. We still know so little about it, some evidence shows having it may not give you immunity at all, or that it can be reactivated in the body after an apparent recovery, we don't have a vaccine or even medication that works on this virus. It might kill the elderly more frequently which seems to be ok by some people but it also affects and can kill anyone of any age group, in any state of health. I am a high risk for Covid19 as is all my immediate family and many of the people I care about. The more this is allowed to spread the more people who will develop severe symptoms and who will die. That could me, or it could be you or the people you most love young or old.

I know the lockdown is grim and scary but so is the alternative.

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Hazelnutlatteplease Tue 14-Apr-20 09:47:59

Yes totally agree

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