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Lifting restrictions on mixing households if both the households have been completely isolated for weeks

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Bercows Tue 14-Apr-20 09:40:45

I'm feeling very anxious this morning about all this and thinking about how much I miss my mum. I've been doing an online shop for both of us and I leave her bags on the doorstep, she comes and puts them in her car, then we have a 5 minute chat from about 4 meters away. She's 80 and I'm shielded. I shop online for her so we are only using one delivery slot, not two. The dc and I love her weekly shopping collection as we normally see her several times a week, shop together, she sometimes takes me to collect the younger two from school if the weather is bad or I am unwell. We holiday together and are very close. We all really miss her. We have been at home now for over 4 weeks. Mum has been at home for 3 but unfortunately a family member visited her last week and broke her isolation although they did socially distance.

I'm wondering if restrictions will be lifted on mixing households if those households have been totally isolated for at least 2 weeks? It seems to me that it would be one of the safer relaxing of restrictions. However, I expect people will interpret this differently and find loopholes as they have done with the current restrictions.

In our case mum lives a mile away and drives down as I don't drive. Neither of us has room to move in together otherwise we might have considered that.

What do you think? Is this possibly a way forward that the government will introduce? Just for clarity, I have no intention of breaking the current rules on this and will stay shielded until I am told otherwise.

Hope that makes sense, I'm yet t have breakfast and not quite fully awake blush

SuckingDownDarjeeling Tue 14-Apr-20 09:44:19

It sounds reasonable as an idea, but how would they know if people have been isolated to enforce that?

Bercows Tue 14-Apr-20 10:02:22

Good point. It would be open to abuse and put people at risk. My mum is only a mile away but for those travelling longer distances the risks would be greater. It would be a logistical nightmare to police. I just wonder how restrictions will be lifted and at what point.

SuckingDownDarjeeling Tue 14-Apr-20 10:40:08

I wonder that too, the longer this goes on the more difficult I imagine the process being. I guess they'll lift certain restrictions slowly and some quickly but then I haven't guessed anything correctly so far throughout all of this! I imagine that the ability to lift some restrictions would rely on people being honest so that could make your idea plausible.

Have you had your breakfast yet? grin

Watertorture Tue 14-Apr-20 10:41:56

Lie detector tests? smile

Itsjustmee Tue 14-Apr-20 11:00:12

Lol @ Jeremy Kyle style lie detector

stuckindoors77 Tue 14-Apr-20 11:03:20

Gently easing social restrictions would seem logical to me too (once we're ready for that stage) unfortunately there's two downsides.
Firstly, as pp said, it's almost impossible to police and enforce that, they can't watch every household 24/7 and it'll quickly open the door to parties and social groups meeting in people's houses.
Secondly, as it has little real economic impact, the government probably won't be that interested in it as a measure. Their "easing" measures will focus on businesses, shops, childcare settings etc that will get people back to work.... they're not interested in whether we're happy or not.

LIZS Tue 14-Apr-20 11:04:52

Think it is all or nothing. Grey areas just make it difficult to enforce and understand.

RabbitsGoneRogue Tue 14-Apr-20 11:04:56

I think it’s a really good idea, it would rely on people following the rules by choice but I think on the whole that would happen as it would be our close family / friends that were at risk if we didn’t rather than strangers.
They’ve done this in Canada, it would definitely help, especially if this goes on for a long time.

Zarara Tue 14-Apr-20 11:06:02

I’m hoping for this. I posted before that my mum is a nhs nurse and has corona. She is now thankfully recovering. She lives alone and has not left her house in nearly 3 weeks. I have been visiting her to bring her things and check on her from a distance. I’m hoping I will be able to go in her house soon or bring her to live with us. It’s heartbreaking not being able to look after loved ones through this.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Tue 14-Apr-20 11:06:25

I am afraid I don't think this is likely as it would put vulnerable people at greater risk, so they're more likely to focus on measures that will get the economy working again with the smallest possible risk to the elderly and vulnerable.
But the time will come. It won't last forever. flowers

YinMnBlue Tue 14-Apr-20 11:12:38

You and your Mum trust each other and know the degree to which you have been isolating, so the question you need to ask yourselves is “where is the infection risk? Is there a risk?”

At some point your Mum will need to get petrol.

It might be best for her to get a full tank now, with as much distancing as she can, sanitise her hands etc, and then be able to isolate for 2 weeks after that in anticipation of restrictions being lifted.

The problem for society as a whole is the idiots who are not currently following the rules. Popping to the shops every day. Letting their kids Play with others, seeing family and friends ‘in the garden’.... except for the cup of tea / trip to the loo etc etc.

trappedsincesundaymorn Tue 14-Apr-20 11:18:16

I think restrictions on families meeting should be lifted, especially for those suffering bereavement.

Wbeezer Tue 14-Apr-20 11:19:01

I think i read a while ago that one country, think it was NZ allows lockdown "buddies", more or less what you are describing, ie. Alliwing you one named self isolating person to meet up with. I cant remember where i read this but i remember thinking it was a fair idea for those living alone, it may just be something that was being sugfested though ive read so much stuff i could be mis-remembering.

gingerbreadslice Tue 14-Apr-20 12:04:16

I thought this also I live in a block of flats, my neighbour hasn't been out in two weeks neither have I but if we went in each other's flats we'd get in trouble so we haven't. But I do think that's not bad is it? I'm not going to do it but it doesn't seem to be wrong?

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