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Is this possibly CV?

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Ijustneed Tue 14-Apr-20 00:52:22

Sorry, there's probably loads of threads, but I've been feeling off for a couple of weeks, just generally aching in various parts, plus sore throat, slight tickly cough, headaches, now diarrhoea, not all the time, but generally feel unwell, upset tum. Now my partner has had headaches for a few days. Unlike both of us. We've not been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case, barely in contact with anyone except the odd visit to the shops.

Anyone else had the same symptoms?

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Ijustneed Tue 14-Apr-20 00:53:44

Sorry, should have said we both suffer with health anxiety, so are extremely anxious. My dd aged 19 is also in the house with us, but is well.

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Mumblechum0 Tue 14-Apr-20 01:00:10

Dh and I have had it, or at least all the symptoms but weren’t tested.
In my experience I’d say you’d know if you had it. Dh was floored by it for 16 days, lost over a stone, was in agony with a headache, extremely high temp but thankfully his breathing wasn’t badly affected.
I only had fever and headache for : days. Both coughing incessantly.
You may have it but very mildly so just keep an eye on temp, and drink plenty

Mumblechum0 Tue 14-Apr-20 01:00:42

3 days*

Ijustneed Tue 14-Apr-20 01:05:23

Thanks. I haven't taken my temp yet, will do. We both feel drained and tired and cold.

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Mumblechum0 Tue 14-Apr-20 01:09:44

Hope you both feel better soon 😊

MrsMummyBx Tue 14-Apr-20 04:29:55

@Ijustneed I’ve been wondering the same _ splitting headaches when I’m not prone to headaches; sore throat esp in middle of night; I had a fever on and off for a day of 38degrees so relatively low grade; tickly cough again worse morning and night; I’ve also had weird sweats even when no fever that thankfully nearly seem to be over now. Lethargic feeling on and off - I find if I rest I generally feel much better and paracetamol is very helpful. Fun and games with a 4 year old and 4 month old. The advice of my 2 GP friends is that this is likely to be CV. Unfortunately without testing nobody knows for sure but as soon as the government release a test that the general public can purchase, I will be buying one and testing!. Wishing you better very soon :-)

MrsMummyBx Tue 14-Apr-20 04:36:24

@Ijustneed I forgot to say - the ONLY place I’ve been is one trip to the supermarket where I wore disposable gloves, wiped the trolley handle, antibac my hands after and even wiped all the food packets with Dettol spray. Unfortunately I didn’t wear a mask as I didn’t have one at the time and thought it would be a bit silly wearing a scarf over my face - presume this is how I caught it so for anyone reading this please wear a mask or at least a scarf to help yourselves! I’ve now ordered some online but it’s a bit late but I will wear it even after my period of self isolation to help protect others as I do not believe we know enough about how long we are contagious for. ESP if you live in London or Home Counties. This thing is obviously HIGHLY contagious and I literally can’t believe I have it after being sooo bloody careful!

LoveIsLovely Tue 14-Apr-20 04:39:55

"In my experience I’d say you’d know if you had it."

Plenty of people have had minimal symptoms eg people in Iceland and Korea where they're actually testing large numbers.

TreeTopTim Tue 14-Apr-20 04:51:24

I am also feeling off. It's hard to describe. I have a headache, feel tired/drained, feel nauseous. I don't have anything like a cough or cold. Just feel run down.

Wish testing was more widely available and then we would know who has it and who doesn't.

Ijustneed Tue 14-Apr-20 05:05:55

Yes I wish I could get tested. I've no cold either and it's not hayfever .. I get that in summer and it's very different.

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Ijustneed Tue 14-Apr-20 05:06:11

Hope you all feel better soon.

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WanderingLost167 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:19:20

I've had Covid symptoms for 3 weeks, and the combination was such I've never had anything like it. I suspect my kids had it, one had a slight temp for two days, the other nothing.

This isn't ebola, you can have it without any symptoms so it's not necessarily going to be a severe illness

Ijustneed Sat 18-Apr-20 00:50:26

I'm still feeling crap. Diarrhoea, very tired, sore throat. Still no temperature, it's 37.3, very slight cough, not much. If I do anything I'm worn out and feel crap for hours. I'm not eating much, as when I do it upsets my stomach.

Hope you're all ok.

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EarlLeighIndamornin Sat 18-Apr-20 04:34:12

Myself and my husband have been the same.

Honestly, I’m putting it down to cabin fever.

Tangledyarn Sat 18-Apr-20 08:18:52

It could be. The good news if it is and you've felt off for a couple of weeks already you have a really mild case. Obviously anxiety can also have a big effect on the body.
I'm currently recovering but was really unwell and had a lot of breathing problems and stuff but did also have diarrhoea, very sore throat, loss of apetite so some of those symptoms could well be present without other symptoms i think.

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