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My 32 year old friend is in hospital

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1happyhippie Mon 13-Apr-20 21:08:53

Similar story here.
A friend was ill for a few days. Started off with a fever, tiredness and a cough. Day 5 she called 111 as she couldn’t breath properly and her chest felt tight.
111 told her to keep taking paracetamol and rest.
The next day her partner called back and told them her lips were blue. Ambulance came and paramedics checked her over to find her oxygen levels very low.
Took her in to hospital where she stayed for 3 days having oxygen.
It is worrying that people are being told to treat at home for so long!
Especially when our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed at the minute.

Keepdistance Mon 13-Apr-20 21:02:56

So scary.
I wonder if not taken as seriously as she is young?

ChrissieKeller61 Mon 13-Apr-20 20:56:25

Same happened to someone I know, sick for a week and I mean sick, couldn't breathe,called 111. Taken by ambulance to hospital, xrayed her, no testing obviously and then decided she was fine to go home and basically kicked her out at 1am. No taxi's around.

Lexijayde44 Mon 13-Apr-20 20:48:39

Healthy. 3 young kids. 10 days ago she had a tight chest all night. The next day it was gone but for 2 days she felt tired. Then the fever kicked in. For 2 days she was 40°c. Wednesday she started with the cough and phoned 111. They said her body would fight it. Stay in bed and take paracetamol and keep drinking. Thursday night she couldn't breathe. She phoned an ambulance. They came out said she was ok and to rest. The next night the breathing got worse. 111 told her she could go to hospital for peace of mind. She went to the local a&e and they found patches of fluid on her lungs. They confirmed she didn't have enough oxygen. She was ambulanced to another hospital. She announced on Facebook tonight she's still in but feeling much better due to getting the treatment she needs.

I just can't believe it. She's young and healthy. She wasn't taken seriously. How frightening for her to feel she couldn't get air into her lungs and to be told she's ok at home in bed! She had to drive a car to get help and had nobody with her.

It doesn't fill me with much confidence. It's really scary.

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