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France allowing festivals from mid July

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tootyfruitypickle Mon 13-Apr-20 20:43:34

I get the argument around schools and businesses , difficult though it is. But festivals before restaurants etc? Macron said festivals after mid July ?

I’ve got festival tickets for August but I don’t think I’ll be going if it’s on. I will be sending dd back to school (most likely), as on balance I think this is best for her overall health. But we don’t need to go to a festival. Do you think festivals will be on over the summer?

It all seems a bit crazy at the moment- it’s only been 3 weeks! I get the economy can’t be locked down for ages but surely festivals aren’t that crucial ? As in compared to retail, hospitality. Am I missing something or have I read this wrong?

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Inferiorbeing Mon 13-Apr-20 21:00:46

Do they mean festivals like music etc or festivals like weddings? I personally didnt think it was clear

thatgingergirl Mon 13-Apr-20 21:01:58

This says they may be allowed.

FishOnPillows Mon 13-Apr-20 21:06:33

I’ve got tickets for a festival in August. At the moment the organisers are saying over & over that they’re currently still planning to go ahead with it. I’m not so sure, I can’t see the logistics of even getting bands over to England in August. And I’m really not sure I like the idea of going anyway. Festivals are a cesspit of disease at the best of times - post-festival flu is a very well-known thing!

tootyfruitypickle Mon 13-Apr-20 21:11:59

I just read some more and yes he seemed to say the earliest would be mid July, it’s not a date. Sounds like he also mean they would be the last thing, which makes sense. I understand everyone is clamouring for a timetable but it seems odd that there can be this semi-certainty.

He also said anyone with symptoms would be tested from May 11 so that seems to indicate some confidence over numbers and control?

Still think I’d probably just lose the cash and not go to a festival this summer. I actually think this is the very last thing I will return to!

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